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Zombies, Run! for Android - Cool Application for Android Hobby Aim Sports

Kamis, 21 Februari 20130 komentar

This application is an application to improve fitness and exercise that can be used on Android phones. This application is perfect for those of you who are in the stage of beginner runners because this application there are clear instructions and detailed exercise to say in detail for those who are just learning. The system is also gradually on the application and there is training for you before plunging directly into the arena Zombie game, so you will actually be taught to advanced and ready to be chased by zombies in this game.
This application is the application of sport at a very exciting game applications and make sure you feel fun and motivated to exercise. Benefits other than as a means of entertainment psychic relieve fatigue but also beneficial for physical fitness. Cool apps for the Android is programmed so that you follow the 8-week training program with more than 25 types of training that can help you improve your physical stamina by running exercises as you chased by zombies every day, in addition, this application also displays the horror stories that support atmosphere of the game that you really feel are in danger of a field full of zombies. Thrilling, exciting, and certainly nourish both psychological and physical.
The detailed instructions you'll get from the fitness game application Zombies, Run! This is, as follows:
• You choose what mission you live for in this fitness game application there are many missions that you can play.
• Once the mission is selected, you will begin to start .. and ... Run!
• Grab your headphones, because there will be music accompanying you run, the music is very important in this application because the music in this application also contains useful instructions and notification to the challenges you perform in the game such as for example the instructions say Robo-Prompts : "Collected a bottle of water," or "Collected a med kit." What matters most is when the automated robot voice that instructs "Warning: Zombies [X] Meters." When the robot said warning, it means that's when you have to run defeat the zombies are chasing you and win the game. Though the music used is optional but in addition to having the benefits mentioned above, the music can also be an addition to your spirit and dispel the boredom.
Application Zombies, Run! Designed by Julia Jones and Shauna Reid from Up and concept story written by novelist named Naomi Alderman award winning writings. This application is an application of concept of the game, but aim for fitness and health of different agencies so that the current application is actually being very loved by smartphone users worldwide.
Music from the game fitness apps Zombies, Run! This can dimix by yourself so you can create music that suits your taste so it can motivate you to play a game of Zombies, Run! this.
In the concept of the story, the game is in the form of a mission to protect a city and find the supplies that you can use to save the city, but when you do the mission there will be zombies from all over came to attack and thwart your mission. This is when you will be required to run their lives. In the mission, there are plot-plot story that makes you able to learn the characters in the story, such as the character of Sam, a doctor Myers, and others. The concept of this application is really very full of all the psychological and physical aspects.
Application fitness game Zombies, Run! This type of mobile phone compatible with Android version 2.2 or version of the Android phones are on it. The app is currently Zombies, Run! that has been published is version 1.0.2 and is being developed for the newest insisted. Memory you need to prepare to be able to install this application for 138m. Unfortunately, the current application Zombies, Run! still offered to pay, by paying $ 0.88 for a single installation. But it seems pretty reasonable price when compared to the benefits you can get from using this application. If you are interested to download it, click here.
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