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Windows Phone 8 Shortage List Before Fixed by Microsoft

Rabu, 06 Februari 20130 komentar

With the emergence of BlackBerry 10 this week, Microsoft is still comparatively still a newcomer to the competition in the smartphone market. While people still argue that Microsoft rose to mediate between Android and iOS, but in 2013 everything changed. This year will be a fierce competition between the three operating systems.

Windows Phone 8 has made great strides in making operating systems for smart phones is much better than its predecessor, and the most important is the new kernel that allows Microsoft to develop OS. Therefore, there is much room for improvement and will not talk about the features that brought the problem, but would be more offensive core aspects that need to be addressed.

And below is a list of eight to be fixed by Microsoft for the Windows Phone 8 it that Microsoft can really take off on the phone competition in the global market. Paseban himself believed that Microsoft has been aware of this deficiency, and at least they have a plan to improve these devices, although it is not done directly.

Before we start to calculate the deficiencies that must be corrected in this device, it should be noted that Microsoft has a rumor that some time in the future will introduce several new features that will be embedded into WP 8 next month in Barcelona.

And now back to the list of 8 things that should be fixed by Microsoft on the device. These deficiencies Windows Phone 8 is Paseban mean:

# 1 Notification Center

iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 in particular all have notification center, which allows users to view the status of applications and services in the area that had been prepared in the mobile phone. Inside Windows Phone, Live Tiles should indeed be able to do the same thing as some other operating systems.

Rumor has it that they want to embed this feature in WP 8 you, but they are in fact running out of time. But it is not too late to be pinned on the updated version of the operating system.

# 2 Universal Search

Likewise, this feature has been rumored to be present in the Windows Phone 7.5 "Tango" or WP 8, but in fact, this feature is not found in any of the two operating systems. Indeed it seemed simple: press the key to make inquiries Bing search on the web to find everything on your device or on the internet.

This is not a radical idea, and other competitors already have this feature. In fact, Windows 8 has a similar feature, allowing you to dynamically search through a wide range of applications.

# 3 Instagram

Yes, certainly anyone who currently has a WP 8 in hand when reading the application would hate this one, but in reality, the service is not provided for the hipster WP devices, and it's really going to hold the users that hipster anyway to migrate using Windows Phone . If Instagram is able to provide its services to Android, lets also if the developer will develop applications for the Windows Phone.

# 4 'X' to Close Applications

This one does look simple, but Microsoft still has not done. There is no symbol 'X' to close the application you are running.

# 5 Xbox Gaming Better

One excellent feature in this phone is the powerful gaming capabilities of using the Xbox machine. But the Xbox gaming system in Windows Phone is still below average ability. Microsoft should have to fix this system.

# 6 Folder

One that has been done by the iOS and Android is a folder. Maybe you want your media to be mengkelompokan applications into a single folder. But Windows Phone is still not using this feature in it. It is a simple thing and become increasingly necessary because people will add more applications to the Live Tiles.

# 7 Volume and Profile Independent

Called smart phones because they actually invented the intelligence which we do not need to perform certain tasks. Such a profile and audio separately. But you will not find a similar profile in the Windows Phone. And this should really be addressed by Microsoft.

# 8 Renew Xbox Music and Video

With the number of errors DRM for music and inability to watch the Video Xbox on Windows Phone, it is the real obstacles that must be addressed also by Microsoft.
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