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Why Near Field Communications Technology Applied In Mobile

Jumat, 01 Februari 20130 komentar

Literally, Near Field Communications or NFC is familiar also disebuh based wireless technology Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that allows communication between electronic devices within a short range. The technology is able to create users make transactions, exchange digital content more easily way. Simply connect one device to another that also uses technology called Near Field Communications to the touch. This technology also created a lifestyle based on WiFi technology may be present in your smartphone, and is expected to soon become a regular feature of the lives of smartphone users around the world.

Basically the whole performance of Near Field Communications is to identify the users of smartphones and their own bank accounts into a computer. Through RFID technology, NFC can send some data between the two devices is only a few centimeters. Unlike Bluetooth, the technology is very little use of energy devices, not even a little battery energy ever sucked. If the SIM card is a card on a mobile device to identify the user accounts through the Internet, then the NFC tech devices, the SIM card has a different ability to act as a security element that can be used other applications such as bank payment cards.

So is there any other than NFC technology can be used as an alternative? The answer: yes. In fact there are many alternatives that you can choose. NFC is a technology that only with the help of Bluetooth and RFID are able to communicate directly between the two gadgets. But there are also differences in the NFC. This technology comes with two abilities: the exchange of information such as contacts or business cards and stationery identifying financial transactions. In the future, NFC could be a new high-tech bank card. Because some businesses abroad gradually have abandoned the traditional bank card. Names such as American Express, MasterCard PayPass and Visa Europe have implemented NFC technology as their latest transaction. In fact, it is estimated by the technology anyway you can use the smartphone as a digital passport. It has been tested-piloted by airport-Balgnac Toulose, France successful utilizing NFC tech device as a boarding pass between your BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry may initiate the application of NFC technology as a boarding pass at the airport. However, it is surprising that Android device manufacturers are terbesat NFC tech device manufacturers that exist today. While Apple is exploring the use of these technologists, mid-range specification device from Samsung, Nokia, LG, BlackBerry to have NFC in them. Furthermore, all the features of the BlackBerry device even allows users to share contact information, documents, photographs, to other multimedia content simply by touching their smartphone simultaneously.

In addition, Microsoft's latest smartphone devices, Windows Phone 8 also has support pengguaan NFC. At this time, the technology was discovered in 2004 by Nokia, Philips, and Sony is probably still in the phrase trials. But, this will be the future technology that promises a lot of things. The studies ABI Research Institute predicts there will be about 1.95 trillion NFC tech device that will be marketed in 2017. Smartphones still be its biggest customers. They also predict that the WiFi router will change my password to a simple touch through a variety of smartphones, tablets or game consoles. With the number of consumer electronic devices will reach approximately 395 billion in 2017, NFC will enter a variety of technology-based lifestyle in the future. Welcome to the Near Field Communications!
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