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What Will Be Embedded On Android Devices In The Future?

Minggu, 03 Februari 20130 komentar

Everything is subject to change each year. This is what happens in the world of technology, is no exception to the growing operating system is Android. Increasing number of competitors in the class of the operating system, look for a variety of models, functions, and features is a common thing done in wading tough competition between operating systems. We have seen some development such as a device that supports LTE and 3D. Things like this is a surprising potential, and could be a step forward compared with its competitors. Therefore, it is questionable, what Android devices will be embedded in future as it navigates the hard competition in the operating system and attract more users?

Better Batteries

This is not a development that is too big, but still the battery is a serious thing. In the world of mobile devices, all points contained in a smartphone focused on battery power. With the continued growth of the size of the display on various devices as well as the addition of these features, it will also change the order of use of battery power. Although the development is not as fast as the screen, improved battery technology remains viable. No one wants when we already have a smartphone with upscale features and functionality, but can only be used a few times due to lack of battery life. And to avoid this, we will disable 3G, Bluetooth, WiFi, and rarely watch videos, listen to music, use GPS, and so forth. Of course, with that, we will be hard to maximize the features and functionality of existing classes on a smartphone.

Great battery size is one solution. However this will impact directly on the Android device size. Great battery will load a larger battery. This is what Android. However, Android users still need a small battery yet with the same abilities as a large battery. One of the highlights in the future Android battery is flexible batteries. This is the answer of a flexible display that is developed Android. Battery technology development continues, and users expect a noticeable change made Android devices.

Wireless Charging

To address the wasteful use of battery, in addition to the battery, Android will also use wireless charging solution. Nokia has been adopted as a standard in wireless charging his Lumia series. In addition to rival competitors, for its users, it is easier if we were at the airport or cafe that has wireless charging standard. No need to bother carrying charger, and something like this would be very useful for those who have high mobility, and rarely was in the house for some time. Wireless charging is the dream of the Android user is expected to be realized.

Android devices are colorful

Nokia Lumia is given the bright colors and flashy. HTC followed this trend in the embedded device Windows Phone 8 in it. Android may follow this trend if it is indeed bright colors to lure users in addition to the various functions and features in the Android device.

Xenon Flash

Since the first Android device that uses a Xenon flash that is Motorola XT720 was released a few years ago, the technology to immerse Android users expect this amazing photo on some devices. Xenon flash can do the job as best as quickly and making the right moment. We certainly have seen the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but this is not a ponsel.Samsung could have taken advantage of the Galaxy Camera to be able to import the technology to some of its flagship smartphone Galaxy series in order to compete with the camera on the Nokia Lumia technology that is growing, and do not forget the camera iOS devices as well.
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