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What is USB 3.0?

Rabu, 20 Februari 20130 komentar

For 14 years, the Universal Serial Bus or USB is commonly called has become the gold standard to connect devices to a computer. Whether it's an external hard drive, camera, mouse, or printer, will definitely be using USB to connect. USB technology has been developed since 1993 were marked by the emergence of USB 1.0 in 1996. The first version is able to transfer data at speeds up to 12 Mbits / s. In 2001 comes the USB 2.0 speed can penetrate up to 480 Mbits / s.
Finally in 2010, USB 3.0 appeared on the market with many advantages possession. Various changes have been carried out on USB 3.0, include:

Transfer Rate
USB 3.0 supports speeds are very high, around 3,200 Mbits / s or 3.2 Gbits / s in normal circumstances even though the eaves capable of reaching speeds of up to 4.8 Gbits / s.

Data Transfer
USB 3.0 introduces full duplex data transfer technology. Two of the five lines on this USB set up specifically to send data while the remaining three lines are used to receive data. That way, the USB 3.0 is able to write and read data simultaneously at full speed. This is a new feature because it is not present in previous versions of USB.

Another feature that is owned by the USB 3.0 is the ability to make rechargeable batteries faster and more than the previous USB versions of USB 2.0.

Power Management
USB 3.0 is not supported anymore polling feature for USB devices using newer features are interrupt-driven protocol. Therefore there will be no power drain on the device idle status because the signal from the device is still necessary to begin the process of data transfer. Moreover, USB 3.0 also supports idle, sleep and suspend.

Physical Display
In addition to its features, there is also a change from USB 3.0 physical shape. One is the cable that will be thicker because it has 4 wires of more than USB 2.0. but this should not be a big problem at the moment. In addition, the plug or plug of USB 3.0 is also a little different because it has a few extra connectors in it.
After discussing a variety of exciting features that presented it, now let's review some of the advantages you will get if you use USB 3.0.

A new technology will be useless if it can not collaborate with the old technology. Fortunately, this USB 3.0 technology can still be used with 2.0 technologies. if you buy a USB 3.0 device or buy a computer that supports USB 3.0, so you can still use it with a variety of USB 2.0 devices. however, the speed of the device must be reduced in accordance with the speed of USB 2.0.

Transfer Rate
The transfer speed has become one of the leading USB 3.0. Imagine, you can transfer 10 GB of data in just 25 seconds while the USB 2.0 will take about 5 minutes.

Other Benefits
Various devices will benefit from the perfect USB 3.0 is a device that requires high transfer capacity as HD webcam, Blu-Ray drives, and more.

Operating System Support
Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Linux can support USB 3.0 while the Windows XP possibility not be able to use it.
Although it has many advantages, but it can not be denied there is some lack of USB 3.0, namely:

The maximum cable length supported by USB 3.0 is 3 feet shorter than the USB 2.0 cable that supports up to 5 meters. But with the help of the hub, then the maximum length of a USB 3.0 cable can reach up to 18 meters.

Speed ​​Limit
As fast as USB 3.0, it still will not be able to exceed the speed of the hard disk that you have for each hard disk has a certain RPM limit. The only way to enjoy the blazing speed is to replace your hard drive with a SSD. However you may have to wait for the technology to spread about one or two years.
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