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What is Browser Cache and How to Clean it?

Jumat, 01 Februari 20130 komentar

When you have a problem while browsing on the internet, one of the first advice you usually hear from the experts of IT is "try cleaning your computer's browser cachedi" followed by "also delete existing cookies". From the suggestion that you normally hear it, you may be wondering what exactly the browser cache, why are stored, what does it do, why should be cleaned, and a variety of other questions that may terbesit in your mind.

Therefore, in this article I will answer all questions so that you are no longer confused when there is a problem in your browser.

What is browser cache?

Browser cache is a temporary storage location on your computer to accommodate a wide range of files downloaded by the browser when menampilakn a website. The files downloaded are the essential elements that make up a website, the html file, CSS style sheets, JavaScript scripts, images, and various other multimedia content.

When you revisit the website, then your browser will check any content that has been refurbished to then just download content that is not in the cache only. This reduces bandwidth usage both for the user and the server. In addition, your browser will also open a website quickly. That way, it can be concluded that the cache is an element that is very important when you only have a slow Internet connection or limited.

Why do we need to clear the cache?

Over time, the cache on the computer you will be growing so it will take a lot of hard drive capacity, especially if the cache is from a website that you never visit again. Although you can limit the capacity of the hard drive to store the cache, but it's good for you to clear the cache regularly. In addition to avoiding the problems that may occur, clearing the cache also can accelerate the performance of your hard drive.

In addition, sometimes the cache of a website can also cause some problems, one of which is if your browser does not download the latest files from the website so that the website will display looks weird and messy. Due to a variety of problems, it is not wrong if IT experts will tell you to clean it up if there is a problem in your browser.

Furthermore, a cache can also show what websites you have visited in the past. It is of course very dangerous for your privacy, as it may from time to time such information could be used by others who are not interested.

How do I bypass or clearing the cache?

If you want to bypass your browser's cache, then you can do it with your browser reloads with a keyboard shortcut. In general, bypass the cache is usually can be done by pressing [Ctrl] + [F5] on the keyboard. But there are also a variety of other shortcut depends on the browser you use.

A complete list of keyboard shortcuts for each browser you can find on Wikipedia article here. Below are some shortcuts for the browser that you can use:

Mozilla Firefox

Reload page and bypass the cache: [Ctrl] + [F5] or [Ctrl] + [SHIFT] + [R] or [Shift] + reload button on your browser

Clear cache: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Del]

Google Chrome

Reload page: [Ctrl] + [F5] or [Shift] + [F5] or [Ctrl] + reload button on your browser

Reload page and bypass the cache: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [R] or do a page reload over twice in a row

Clear cache: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Del]

Internet Explorer 9

Reload page and bypass the cache: [Ctrl] + [F5] or [Ctrl] + reload button on your browser

Clear cache: [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [Del]

In addition to using the above method, you can also clear the cache by going to the settings menu of each browser.
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