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Wake The Cat - Cats The Interesting Puzzle Game For Apple Devices

Jumat, 08 Februari 20130 komentar

Wake The Cat is a cat puzzle game where you must solve puzzles to wake your pet cat in this game. Puzzles of this game using objects that you often find in the house in general. Game made by Chillingo this also depends on the laws of physics so you really have to rely on logic and abilities.

When you start the game Wake The Cat, you'll meet a cute little cat is gray. This cat spends his time sleeping and is very difficult to be aroused. All you have to do is give him the ball rope toy that the cat was awake and playing with the toy. To give the ball a rope, you have to roll the ball while passing through a few hoops or even make use of objects around him to get up in the arms of the cat.

Cat puzzle game has 60 levels you will encounter. And each level has a similar objective, but to present a different kind of obstacle. At the moment you start playing, you might think that this game is intended for players aged 3-6 years. But after playing more than half their level, you will start to think that you are wrong. Even adults are required to think hard before you can finish the level. Moreover, each level only provides a range of solutions. This means you can not use other methods to resolve it.

One example of the obstacles that are in the game this is the toy train. Trains can be a barrier, but it could also be your solution to complete the level. On the one hand, a moving train can confound the effects of reflections from the ball strap. But on the other hand, you can make the train stop and took the opportunity to win a level. There are many other objects that you can use, such as slippers, cables, fans, boxes, and more. Therefore you should always pay attention to stuff around you. If you find things that are colored blue, it means that you can take advantage of the object.

This cat puzzle game has good graphics. Objects that are available are very similar to the original. Similarly, with a graphical display that is applied to the cat. So look cute and adorable. Another advantage of this game is to use the puzzle elements that it is becoming a trend nowadays. When playing a game Wake The Cat, you will feel playing games Amazing Alex and Cut The Rope at the same time. A large number of levels can make players feel comforted. Not to mention the announcement of the Chillingo who promised to continue to increase the number of levels as the update does.

Complaints were found when playing this game lies in the degree of difficulty. As already mentioned, this game only provides one solution alone and each player must find and follow the solution. It is obviously difficult because it makes the player can not explore and be creative to find another solution. But if you are stuck on a level, the game provides a hint feature. It can not be used at any time, but the hint is shown to be quite helpful when you are at a dead end. If you are a player who likes and feel challenged by the puzzle genre games, puzzle games are funny and cute you must have. Game size is 50.5 MB and can be played on Apple devices with OS 5 and above. Cat puzzle game is available for $ 0.99 and you can download it here.
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