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Vocre-Application Existing Alternative Language Translate on Android

Minggu, 03 Februari 20130 komentar

There are so many types of applications issued by Android and can be used by users of Android, there are game apps, wallpapers, and more. In addition to these types of applications, there are also application type of language that can be used on your Android phone.

Vocre, is the application of language or included in the travel and local category. that can be used on Android phones, and this application is an application designed for people who need or want to communicate with others who do not speak Indonesian or English and another language that can tersupport by this application.
In the era of globalization, communicating with strangers to expand the network to add information or even become one of the needs. Especially for people who run businesses and in the expansion phase of the process, of course, once the application is in dire need of translational Vocre sound like this.

Translate Language Applications Vorce is able to translate multiple languages, although there are translations between languages ​​that did not have sound, translation does not have sound features such as the translation of countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malay-Malaysia, and Vietnam. But there is also the language of a country that has not had a voice facility Vocre the language Romanian-Roma and Slovak-Slovakia.

As for the language in the following countries are available translational facility votes, namely: Arabic-Egypt, Saudi Arabia-Arabic, Arabic-United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong-Chinese Cantonese, Chinese Mandarin-Chinese, Mandarin Chinese-Taiwan, Czech-Czech Republic, Danish-Danish, Dutch-Netherlands, English-Australia, the United Kingdom-English, English-United States, Finland-Finnish, French-Canada, French-France, German-Germany, Greece-Greek, Hungarian-Hungary, Italian-Italy, Japanese-Japan, Korean-Korean, Norwegian Nynorsk-Norway, Poland-Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Portuguese-Portugal, Russian-Russian, Spanish-Mexico, Spanish-Spain, Spanish-United States, Sweden-Swedish, and Turkish-Turkey .

Vocre very useful for all people, for example, the businessman who is expanding its businesses to work together to foreigners, then Vocre was also beneficial for students who are studying or doing research abroad. Students with these conditions, especially if they are enrolled in countries that on average his circle rather difficult English language like Korean, Japanese, or Chinese desperately need this application to discuss or ask and answer with colleagues and professors or people they need via phone. Very important benefit of Vocre the voice on the phone can get interference, whether it be from the signal or from the local voice callers.

The voices are distorted by the noise pollution would certainly interfere with the reception of hearing, even those who dialogue with the same language over the phone might get distorted due to the language barrier, especially when you have dialogue through the phone with a stranger that you do not understand correct a spoken language. Vocre able to translate detailed pronunciation of a foreign language to a language you can understand without any interference distortion. Translation can direct you to hear the sound when the language facilities tersupport sound features, or at least in writing. Communication is much more easily and effectively by using this Vocre.

Vocre have a Table-Top system user interface, where the system of Vocre will facilitate users. The system is able to allow users such as sitting or in a relaxed position when in range of a long conversation.

The application is compatible to the owners of Android phones version 2.1 or later on it. Memory required to download this application of 4.7 M. Unfortunately, this system is still Vocre application fee, which is for download once charged $ 2.99. Speech recognition or voice facilities supported by Nuance while printing the translation facility for later translated into sound supported by iSpeech. Internet connection required to run the internet connection Vocre 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. If you want to download this application Vocre for your Android phone, to download it you have to pay $ 0.99, click here to buy it.

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