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ViewSonic VSD240, Jelly Bean Android Tablet with 23.6 inch Screen

Sabtu, 02 Februari 20130 komentar

Year 2013 was a year of very unique way to market the gadget world. More and more products "bizarre" that was released by the major vendors. To be sure these products are a gadget freak super sophisticated unquestionable ability and quality. Whimsical yet sophisticated product has a name ViewSonic VSD240. Why is it called a gadget freak? Since the gadget has a screen size of 23.6 inch which actually is an Android tablet that has an operating system Jelly Bean. ViewSonic VSD240 is shaped like a desktop all-in-one carried by the iMac. How is performance? Paseban will review briefly about Jelly Bean Android Tablet giants.

ViewSonic brings VSD240 23.6 inch screen size. With a quad-core processor Nvidia Tegra 3 makes the performance of the system will be processed faster and better, but it will multitasking system with more slick. With great specs provided by ViewSonic, the tablet automatically giant has a price that may be deemed most people think 2 times. With priced $ 675 or about 6.5 million, you have to spend in deeply to bring home tablet. but for those gadget lovers who never concerned about the budget, then the ViewSonic VSD240 can support your daily work properly.

ViewSonic VSD240 have a shape that is not uncommon. With a shape like the all-in-one, the tablet is not designed to carry around. ViewSonic VSD240 is designed to always be on the table at home or in your office because of its size. Giant tablet is not designed for those who are always traveling everywhere. However, with the power of the performance of the system, then you will feel different sensations when using the tablet like a desktop. On the front side of the tablet there is a large screen that the bottom is decorated with white ViewSonic logo. With slick plastic wrapped black and white line under the logo makes the display of the tablet desktop all-in-one is very elegant and no less luxurious. While in the back has a white sturdy plastic material that does not detract from the luxury of this VSD240 ViewSonic tablet. ViewSonic Tablet is supported by a white kickstand. And with these tools, measuring 23.6-inch tablet can stand up to an angle of approximately 60 degrees which is the angle that is suitable for use as a desktop.

Media communications contained ViewSonic VSD240 there are USB ports, an HDMI port for connecting to a TV or monitor High Definition. Additionally, other media of communication is Bluetooth to send data to other devices.

The screen resolution of the ViewSonic VSD240 is 1920 x 1080 pixels with a quality that supports High Definition (HD). Dengna high quality screen, you can watch high-quality videos without encountering obstacles. Display of the operating system Android Jelly Beannya became more handsome with a big screen. Android is very popular with the zoom is user friendly, easy to operate and has an attractive appearance make the value of the use of the Android operating system in this VSD240 ViewSonic. However you will find it difficult when you want sliding screen menu page. You have to shift a little bit far to move the page where it is a bit annoying but still in normal and still be tolerated.

The conclusion that can be drawn from the review this time is the tablet is not suitable for those who like working outdoors and need a tablet that is easy to carry. If you are a gadget lover who spends a lot of time alone at home or at the office, then the ViewSonic VSD240 is perfect for you. With excellent specifications, a powerful processor and stylish design, large screen display and supports High Definition, a mixture of tablets and desktops is very fitting to be a friend to work everyday. Are you interested to have it? then you have a little patience because you have not been able to bring home devices. Since there is still no official information when VSD240 ViewSonic tablet will be released. We wait.
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