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Unending Design Contest 99design.com Can You Access Online

Jumat, 01 Februari 20130 komentar

Design or visual design is a form that has meaning and value. For this time New Tech will try to give a review for a site that is very competent in design competence diseluh world. Of earlier statement in question is 99design.com.

99design.com founded in 2008, which now has approximately 70 employees are located in San Francisco, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris and London was chosen to provide a website that provides services to connect the company with freelance designers from around the world who have reliable quality in this design contest. In this 99design.com companies that need to make a new design competition with a certain gift that is sure to be followed by many designers from around the world. With this website should not be struggling company to hire a great designer and set it to explain the concept of corporate logo design in detail. In 99design.com firm enough to describe a bit of information about the company, if needed a new logo for the company, the company can charge its design briefing. In the design brief was to be filled by companies such as name to accompany the logo, logo models suggested, there is also the term values ​​to communicate the size of such a design kecenderungana Luxury Economical on the left and on the right side, where the center line is more inclined towards the left, then it can be seen that the logo should have the impression of elegance and luxury or vice versa. At values ​​to communicate, there are several things that a parameter of the logo. There are also writings Color Preferences meaning the dominant color for the design and further described by the company as to what the logo is made, for example to put the header on the website or to print the brochure. For further details on the column and the Notes attached files are useful for companies to give some idea to the designers.

For terms of the achievements of this website 99design.com in 2010 was awarded the Webby People's Voice for Best Web Service & Application of the year. For more award to me is the number of quotes from well-known companies in the world to provide a sizeable appreciation to 99design.com.

For competence in 99design.com also have different rules. There is some competition in the contest can be said to open the contest, is openly here that the designs submitted by designers will immediately appear on the home page along with the time the contest upload and rating. There are also said to be closed or blind contest. In this design contest works that have been uploaded to the contest page displays only the name of the uploader, time and rating while the design does not appear. Can we look a little that is open to competition, the designers can find inspiration from the designs that have been uploaded first, even worse is not only an inspiration but a replica that only distinguish a few. For a blind contest itself is clear that the designers use their own creativity without being affected or influenced by other designs. When talking about the gifts given, for an average logo design prize in the $ 200 range although there are higher and lower. Payment of prizes usually about 2 weeks since the announcement of the winner. The methods employed in various types paypal and western union but in the end there will be pieces of a few percent.

For those who love to wrestle in the world of design, it does not hurt to try this contest, the contest is free of charge is very reliable to increase our attention to the rules of the company where in the world their own work it is very important. 99design.com can also add to the experience in interacting with the company. If in the end we did not win the contest this design, we can make portfolio that can help us to get a job in the design world.
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