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Umano - Android News Applications The Reading News For You

Kamis, 21 Februari 20130 komentar

News is a daily newspaper that is very dear to miss. With this news we can also find out what is going on around us, even the important events in the world. Thanks to advanced technology, news can be accessed by various means such as print, television, radio, and even internet. But modern society is still felt did not have enough time to spend time reading the news although faced with various facilities there. Busyness someone at work do not have time to make them aware that are hot news. Since that time this New Tech will discuss an Android news app that you can access anywhere, anytime, and of course provide facilities that are not owned by the application like. As to whether this application?
Umano is a new breakthrough for the news. Instead of reading the news, you will read the news by this application. So whether you are driving or are busy with something until he had time to read, you can simply install this app and listen to the news directly. Amazingly, umano provide genuine human voice, not the voice of "robot" that you hear about on Google Search or Google Translate.
When you first open umano, you are provided a choice of several foreign news sources are very reliable as Time, The Guardian, BBC, Business Insider, Washington Post, Digital Trends and of course many more. Android news app also allows you to stop the noise for a while and it went back in your favor. If you do not like the content of the news, you can just replace it with a new message. Umano very efficient when used by people who have a high activity. But that does not mean the application can not be used when you're relaxing. Umano can also be used in your spare time, either while driving, fishing, exercising, or can be used as a reference material for college or work.
Umano does require an internet connection to run. This you can use to download the content you want to hear to listen to later. Yes, this application provides the option to hear the news offline as long as the news has been downloaded first. This is very useful for those users who are not always able to connect to the internet connection. After downloading, you can organize and sort which news you want to read first. It's easy and almost as much as how to arrange playlists in the Music Player in a variety of Smartphone devices. Umano also been designed to find news according to your hobby. By using the Browse By Interests, you can unpack the content umano and find several categories of options such as Inspirational, Scientific, Entertainment, Sport, Entrepreneurial, and others.
The main display Android news apps is designed with a very simple and modest. This application basically it is intended for people with a high level of activity, so that by its simplicity, anyone can access and use umano easily. Excess umano there is also the social features. If you have friends who also use this application, you can share what you are listening to the news. You can also provide an interesting news to be heard by your friends.
However umano also not immune from the shortage. Less rapid update of weakness that should not be owned by a news application. However it should be realized because the SoThree as developers need to find someone to read every word before it is finally released. Perhaps you would not mind waiting longer news if you are facilitated by a natural sound, smooth, and accompanied by a clear intonation and articulation. Something you will not get on any other Android news apps.
To download the application, you need the Android operating system with a minimum of 2.2. Umano size of 1.9 MB and you can download it for free in the Android Market.
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