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Tips On How To Maintain MacBook Battery

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The battery is a vital component of a portable type device, but you already know about how to take care of the battery is important to keep your MacBook to remain durable? With proper care and also with the calibration, you can keep your computer's battery to be used at its optimum and maximum, otherwise your battery will last longer when it is used for travel. This time New Tech will show you how the right way to be able to keep and care for your Mac battery.

Nursing Standard

A Mac portable computer devices designed to be mounted (plugged) and also to be removed (unplugged)? to allow the battery discharge process as well as recharge on a normal cycle of the battery. Thus, if you are using a computer with the battery installed at all times, it is important for you to discharge or calibrate a battery on a regular basis. If you rarely use or disconnect the battery when in use, then Apple recommends fully discharging and recharging the battery (charging) again at least once a month.

Long-term Storage

If you do not plan to use a portable Mac for over a period of six months, then try to charge the battery on your Mac in a state of 50%. This case will ensure that your battery will always be in optimal condition. Besides temperature or temperature also is the biggest factor when storing your computer. Make sure the battery is stored in your Mac temperature or temperature between 50 º F and 95 º F.

Battery Calibration

Each battery has a small chip that provides details about the information and cycles a battery is connected to the computer. That batteries can operate at maximum capacity and also to ensure that the condition of the battery according to the time display shown on the Mac is accurate, you also need to do a battery calibration routine. Calibration should be done when you first purchased your Mac computer, and do it again every few months. If you rarely use the battery while using a MacBook, then you have to do this process at least once per month.

There MacBook has a built-in battery, the battery calibration makaproses not require calibration of the battery, since the battery is calibrated just before made. The following are the machines that have built-in battery features: MacBook (13-inch, Late 2009) and above, all versions of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 ", 15", and 17 "which was released at the beginning of the mid-2009, the MacBook ProRetina.Sebelum start the calibration process, we recommend that you save all your work and close all applications, and disconnect all peripherals from your computer to avoid data loss.

Checking Battery Cycles

There are several ways to check the battery status on the Mac. First by clicking on the icon in the menu bar of OS X, it will provide information on remaining battery time or while you're charging the Mac. You can show the battery percentage in the menu bar by clicking on the icon, and then select the option Show Percentage.

If you press the Option key on the keyboard and then click on the battery icon menu bar, then you will see the options menu on the condition of the battery. Battery condition can be in one of the four options, Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, or Service Battery.

Normal means that the normal condition of battery charge.

Soon Replace batteries means normal conditions but requires filling (charge), or even the battery must be replaced.

Replace Battery Now means normal conditions but lacks your Mac battery power and needs charging and also need a battery replacement is now also possible if it is not replaced it will dangerous hardware on your Mac.

Service Battery means Mac battery condition is not functioning properly and there is a change in the battery. You have to remove the battery and make improvements on the battery.

You can do and also get detailed information about the condition of the battery on your Mac by clicking the Apple logo were left corner of the menu bar on the Mac OS X operating system, and then select About this Mac menu, then select More Info and select the System Report. In the report, select the power system on the left side bar, you will get detailed information about the battery condition your Mac
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