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Tips for Choosing a Processor for Android Gadget

Rabu, 13 Februari 20131komentar

Price of the Android gadgets certainly vary, depending on the materials used, whether it's the body or the processor itself. So you do not be fooled by the price with the quality of the processor Android, see tips on selecting a processor by identifying in advance the types below.


This processor is a CPU Android that is often used by many manufacturers of Android smartphones or tablets. The processor is made in America today has launched the 4th generation, the Snapdragon S1, S2 Snapdragon, Snapdragon S3, and S4 Snapdragon. There is no doubting the quality of this processor, because the quality that it has better ability than other CPUs.

Graphics are supported from Qualcomm processors are men from ATI, the Adreno. If you are a gamers, it looks like you choose the right gadgets to use Qualcomm's Snapdragon CPU. Qualcomm claims its single-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz with a better performance than other processors are dual-core. Examples of gadgets that use Qualcomm is the Samsung Galaxy W, Motorola Fire XT, HTC Sensation XE.


This processor is produkan from Nvidia. For the processor itself is now spawned a series Nvidia Tegra APX, Nvidia Tegra 2 and Nvidia Tegra 3. For Nvidia Tegra 4 is in development to be able to work multi-core processors. Nvidia Tegra processor has a minimum power consumption, making it suitable for use in your multimedia needs, both for playing games or playing HD video. Unfortunately, that uses an Android gadget is fairly high up, one example is HTC One X are inserted Nividia Tegra 3.

When you use a smartphone produced very maximum performance and certainly absorbed power is minimal so that the battery does not have to be used that has power over 2.000mAh to stand-by for longer. As for the lower middle, Acer Iconia Tab A200 now can you lyrics by using processor Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor.


Exynos processor is made by Samsung Electronics and is specifically used for Samsung Mobile. This processor offers several advantages that may make you interested in having a product with this Exynos processor. The sensation of playing 3D games will feel smooth without any lag, because the GPU is Mali 400 GPU is a must have many gadet using Mali graphics like the iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy SII. Then, the best performance that can be performed by the processor is multitasking on your Android gadget, be it a smartphone or tablet. Although this processor supports multi-core processors, but the calculated absorbed power efficient. One of gadgets that use this processor is the Samsung Galaxy SIII (Quad-core Exynos 4212).


One of the major processor manufacturers from Asia besides Samsung are widely used by producers or gadget is commonly abbreviated Mediatek MTK. China-based company is a manufacturer of first-class processor but has a cheap price. If you look at the specifications of the local gadgets such as IMO, Mito, or Acer and Asus of Taiwan, it would seem that the processor used is made Mediatek.

Especially for those of you who have a low budget to have an Android gadget, gadgets with Mediatek processor is the solution. For quality you need not worry, because this processor has good performance, in addition to aided by a PowerVR graphics. Unfortunately for energy, you have to carefully choose which gadget Android has a large supply of batteries. Wasteful consumption of the battery is the minus of this processor, but for the strength of the visualization, the battery power is diverted to produce good visual and smooth. Examples of gadgets that use Mediatek processor is the Acer Iconia Tab B1, IMO Tab X5 Mars, Mito A322.
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