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Tips and How to Freshen Your Lovely Memory Android Tablet

Minggu, 10 Februari 20130 komentar

Developments in the homeland tablet heats up, how not, you will easily find different types of tablets on the market today. Most of the latest tablets currently have usefulness as a multimedia and entertainment for their owners, it is not surprising that the tablet comes with a variety of applications and games as the main tool to refresh.

But not limited to software, even on some tablet comes with an HDMI port for a high-quality tool watch. But what if the tablet is too many apps and games? Tablets will become slow and uncomfortable to use. Eventually you'll find your tablet becomes less interesting when you first buy the tablet.

However, you need not worry, New Tech will give you tips for your tablet so you can come back as fresh as when you first purchased your beloved tablet. Let's look at his tips below.
How to Refresh Memory Powerful Tablet

Most applications and games when it's using the system temporary files, where the unused files will be removed, but in fact there are several types of files that you need really is not kept inside your tablet, files such as logs, crash reports, or debug files could have remained in the memory of your Android tablet and your tablet resulted in a slow and uncomfortable to use even these files are still saved even though you have to remove or uninstall the application. These files must be cleared in order to restore the performance of your tablet to his best. There are two ways you can do, that is by manually and by using this application.

How to Manual

Before you remove or uninstall applications, you'll want to skip this step, Settings> Applications> Manage Applications. Select the application you want to remove, then click Clear Data and Clear Cache, and then you click Uninstall. This process aims to erase the data stored in the memory of your tablet. This will make the process of elimination really clean and not leaving files belonging to the application you want to delete.

Using the Application

If you feel the above is less than the maximum or you may find it upsetting that have to step over step by step, then you can use an application that you can download from the Play Store. You can use the application Clean Master (Cleaner) made Ksmobile. This 1.8 MB sized applications you can download for free directly from the Play Store. Applications can clean various kinds of temporary files is quite annoying as cache, app packages and history, residual files, and much more. Applications will be increased performance RAM and save your battery. Uniquely, this application can be used without having to rooting first, so this application can be used by anyone as an Android tablet users.

Display application is quite simple, when you get in, you will be faced with a choice of 4 cleaning process, ie History, Residual Files, Tasks, and Temp APKs. Then you can choose one of these options, then the application will collect files that are considered as junk files, then you can click Clean. At the option Residual Files, Tasks, and Temp APKs, you will be able to select a list of files which you want to provide checkboxes and then click Clean. Easy enough right? Let's quickly refresh your memory of beloved tablet!

Both of the above, either manually or using an application which is almost the same functionality. The only difference is for the manual method, it is better to use when you want to remove or uninstall applications that you no longer want. This is because the data cleansing through the manual has the possibility of deletion of data that may not actually not the junk files in your opinion, but detected as junk files. Therefore, it remains cautious about cleaning your favorite tablet.
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