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Three Kids Educational Games for Ages 2-6 Years Of Maximize Games on Apple Devices

Sabtu, 16 Februari 20130 komentar

For a mom or a dad who are aware of the importance of building self-development in young children, especially in children early age are still very aggressive and agile in receiving all things into his brain storage space. Then, they will try to find all kinds of early childhood development system itself, one of which is the education of children games. Seeing the need for it, Maximize Games to intervene with the launch of three digital educational games based child makes. Maximize Games itself is a group who built his career in the field of mobile game developer.

Maximize Games is fairly new in the world of mobile games business. However, product innovation they create is incredible. The three made their first game carries a very strong educational role. It would be an excellent first step in their careers to go further ahead. So, what are the three early childhood educational games made them? Let's look at the text below!

Learn ABC with Bobby Ball

Is one of a collection of Bobby Ball products are designed specifically to help children - children aged 2 to 4 years to learn while playing. This educational games kids pack method and system of early childhood education is embedded in a digital-based game. Thus, all educational activities presented will be liked, and to minimize burnout and boredom due to the atmosphere of learning activities undertaken by the child. Through this game, the children will learn a variety of things with several key features. The main feature of which is a feature presented Writing, Sounds, and Memories.

Writing on the features, incorporating visual application that will demonstrate to the children about how to write each letter. Children - children will learn how to write letters of good and right through the method an attractive and fun animated. While the features of Sounds is an application that presents a variety of sounds, where the child is required to listen and find the letter to be appropriate. That is by listening to the alphabet. Children - children can learn to recognize the kind of - kind of alphabet and pronunciation correct procedures. While momories feature will help the child to improve the mastery of it in the form of skills, such as memorizing sorts - kind of position, memorize sorts - different forms of letters, and so forth. You can download it here.

Bobby Ball in The Magic World

Is an educational game children aged 3-6 years digital-based packaged all in one. It said all in one because in a lot of game packed full with with the level of difficulty from easy to difficult levels, adapted to their abilities - each child. The kids who play this game will learn more about the skills, like to know the alphabet, alphabet, form, shape, sharpness to explore their imaginations and memories. There is also a feature of education that will teach the children about logic, mathematics, and singing. All were presented with great pleasure, full-color, draw, and to attract the interest and attention of the children to learn. Bobby Ball in the Magic World pack 16 kinds of educational games, 8 applications to explore, and 8 applications to sing. You can download it here.

Bobby Ball at The Toy Festival

In this series, Maximize Games trying to bring fathers and mothers to come into play along with the child through the child's educational games. This game has a story, in which there were two friends named Bobby and Nano are planning to go to a festival held in the city where the Nano stay. However, they also plan to not notify their plan is to be an Kiki and Kobo are the rest of their companions. They want to go to the festival in silence - still unknown to all, including the two best friends (Kiki & Kobo). But unfortunately, Kiki and Kobo accidentally discover their plans together. Thus, they are forced to agree with Kiki and Kobo to go with them to go to the festival.

Unfortunately, the moment they arrived at the festival, Kiki and Kobo are not allowed entry by the guards for some reason they both do not have permission to pass a predetermined festival organizers. It's sad they were. Though there are many festivals in the games for them to play, like the game in the town hall, the Nano, play with robots, clay dolls, stuffed animals, Marionettes, and miniature dolls. So, your mission with your kids in this game nothing is helping Bobby to get permission to pass on Kiki and Kobo, so that they can enter into the festival hall. So, are you ready to do this mission? you can megunduhnya here.
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