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Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Mac Computer Speed

Rabu, 13 Februari 20130 komentar

The user's Windows computer has its own way to increase the speed of their computer systems work when it is so slow. Even with a Mac computer users. Indeed there are many ways of increasing the pace of work is computer made by Apple Inc.. There are some basic things you can do to make it. Here's his review.

Monitoring Your Activity

You do not need to feel frustrated when it was playing a game and your computer was so slow to work. There is a quick and easy way to make a diagnosis of the problems when using an Apple computer. Simply use Activity Monitor feature that you can find in features Application. In it you simply go to the Utilities option and access the Activity Monitor. In short, every application uses some percentage of the computer's CPU. Just simply click the "% CPU" one or two times to set up a list of applications for the lower orders. If the application are running above 90% percentage of CPU, then the option will recognize the ongoing programs and you just click Quit Process. Other speed inspection step is to click on Disk Usage tab on the Activity Monitor feature. If the Free Space tab illustrated with color hijua look too close, you have to clean out some photos and video from the hard drive.

Cleaning Hard Drive

To clean your Mac computer hard drive, go to the About this Mac> More Info> Storage to find out how much storage space is left. Look for data such as photos, audio, film, or a variety of applications to find the barrier speed of your computer. If the photo is a problem, consider to send old photos into a USB or external hard disk. In addition, you also delete Afoto not really lost because it only entered into the iPhoto trash. This application has its own space to be vacated. You will probably find about 500 pictures that are waiting for a really wasted from the hard drive.

Reduce And Restart System

To get extra speed, go into System Preferences> Users & Groups> Login Items. Then see a box that was cek. Box-box is exactly what will run every start up your computer. If you do not need a login item, uncheck the checklist. It's time you stop storing various things on the desktop. At least begin to organize your data into various folders. But the best way is to clean it.

For new users mac, make sure you close the program properly. Simply put, an application or the browser will not stop running if it is not closed manually. If programs such as Adobe Photoshop was seen running, it can slow down the speed of your Mac computer.
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