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This difference Releases Newest Best Smartphone Sony: Sony Xperia and Xperia ZL Z

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Competition in the field of technology, particularly smartphones has always received special attention. This is because people are now more technologically savvy and they always want the best smartphones that can provide optimal satisfaction. Not surprisingly, smartphone developers are competing to provide the best for their potential customers by developing products of their best smartphone.

One is Sony. As one of the biggest developers in the world, Sony has finally released the latest smartphone product some time ago although it was leaked to the public. Noted there are some pictures of the latest smartphone Sony products that can be seen on the internet even though the product has not been officially released. New on Tuesday the 8th of January, Soni Z officially announced the Xperia and Xperia ZL. For lovers of Sony products, the second release of the product that is the eagerly awaited. Some people say they have a pretty high expectations with its latest series of Sony Xperia remember how the previous series already more than enough to provide comfort and satisfaction of its users.


The design can be said to be the second smartphone simple yet futuristic. With a candy bar design, the smartphone is very comfortable grip. For buttons, you will not find a physical button on the front of the smartphone. What you will find are three touch buttons consisting of a back button, home button and the menu button. The dimensions of these two smartphones is quite large considering the screen size of 5 inches. However, as mentioned earlier, you will not be trouble for holding this smartphone.


In its release, Sony announced the Xperia Z uses a large screen size of 5 inches TFT Reality Display 443 dpi Full HD. The screen uses the Mobile Bravia Engine 2 which can improve the color and contrast. Bravia Engine is claimed to make the images and videos look better with the level of contrast and sharpness settings are all set to a specific color automatically. Obviously this will be one of the best positive of this smartphone. It seems Sony is understood that the screen is large enough and supported by a qualified visual technology is one of the requirements of a product can be said to be the best smartphone.

Not only that, this technology is also said to be able to create an image or video look more chic with the reduction of noise and saturation levels that can be set on a particular mode. If you frequently use your smartphone to record a video, of course, a smartphone is more than enough for you. For image processing, the Xperia Z is rumored to be the first phone that uses the Exmor sensor RS. This new sensor is claimed to be able to record video HDR (High Dynamic Range). This technology can provide visual performance clearer images even if you use your smartphone to record video in low-light conditions or backlight conditions (light intensity conditions were too much to come from behind the object).


For jeroannya, Sony immerse Snapdragon S4 Pro 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. With the combination of the processor and the memory of it, we can be sure the performance of the Sony Xperia Z will be very smooth. Change of use from a single application to another application claimed to be very smooth with minimal lag. As the best and leading smartphones, Xperia Z also has IP55 and IP57 certification. The certification indicates that the Xperia Z has the ability to withstand water and dust.


For matters of the camera, you can smile because Z and the Xperia Xperia ZL comes with a 13MP camera. The camera is certainly very capable to capture high quality images with vivid detail. Not to mention HDR technology as described earlier will further improve the quality of the camera.


For resources, the Xperia Z uses a battery with a capacity of 2330 mAh nonremoveable. On the one hand, the existence of the battery is good enough to see the capacity is more than enough to handle the operation of smartphones that require considerable power. So you do not need too much to recharge your batteries. However, the fact that the battery is nonremoveable also quite troublesome especially for long term use. We all know that battery performance will decrease when we've used it in a long time. If the battery is not convenient for use, the only solution that can be done for this kind of battery is to go to the authorized service center of Sony. Maybe for some people, the solution is quite a hassle than buying and replacing batteries on their own smartphone.

Furthermore, for ZL rumored Xperia Xperia pretty similar to Z. One difference is the Xperia ZL is not equipped with IP57 certification. Sony Xperia ZL comes with a front camera that is placed in the lower right corner. Xperia ZL has a dimension slightly smaller but thicker body and a bit lighter than the Xperia Z. For display, the Sony Xperia ZL comes with a screen size of 5 inches 1080p resolution, quad-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro. .


Both of the latest release of the Sony smartphone could be the most recommended for your users to see the smartphone features and offered both offal smartphone. However, you should be patient enough to remember both of them will be launched in March this year.
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