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Stow: The Modern Packing List - Travel iOS Application Defaults Item Help Check your Travelling

Kamis, 07 Februari 20130 komentar

Travel to places you've never visited before it can be a memorable experience and unforgettable. But before doing that of course you have to prepare and pack items you will be taking. And it is this which has always been the deciding between whether or not your trip memorable. It could be because too enthusiastic with your intended destination, you are in a hurry and indifference in matters of packing. As a result, many important items that are not carried away. You can imagine how sorry you when forget to bring extra batteries for your digital camera or forgot to bring a change of clothes. But now these things can be avoided by careless travel iOS app that will New Tech cover this time.

The name of this application is Stow: The Modern Packing List. Application Apptifica claim this is an application that is simple, but very useful for those who are preparing for your little adventure. By using Stow, you will not forget again bring small things but important as a toothbrush or a rubber band. Since the function of Stow is to help you to remind the important items that you should include in your trip.

Stow also provides templates that can facilitate your trip. For example, if you want to go camping, you just choose from a selection of templates Camping available. In the body of the template, there are important things that you must take while camping such as sleeping bag, tent, flashlight, and other items.

If you want to start a new journey, the first thing you should do is create a file. This file you can make the appropriate amount of people who participated in the course. When filling out the file, you must include your name, gender, age, and other information. This is very useful for travel iOS app can prepare a list of items you should bring. Also contained additional information such as whether you use glasses or not. If you intend to go together with your partner, Stow can make a list of items according to the information that you provide, along with your name and your partner.

Sometimes the items that you want to take is not written on the template even if you have filled with very complete information. If this happens, you can create your own list of extra allergy medications such as carrying or nail clippers. You can also set the amounts of goods to be carried. If you have two cameras, you can make a reminder to bring batteries for each camera.

There are many convenience provided this iOS travel app. The weather is sometimes unpredictable, but Stow can alert you to carry essential items such as umbrellas or sunglasses if the weather is not as you expect. You can also combine the two into one template when you plan to visit the beach and playground on one trip.

Once the template is finished, you can print the list or send it to your friends via e-mail. The list can also you store on your device, then, when you want to do a similar trip.

With a design that is simple and easy to understand, Stow may be one of the mandatory application for those who love traveling. Good performance and responsiveness also makes Stow a reliable application. Despite the myriad of convenience that it provides, Stow still not free from drawbacks. The price set for the application developer is considered quite high. And also this application does not include the clothes you bring in detail. On the list you receive only the words "Outfits" alone, does not explain how many shirts and pants should dipersipakan.

However, New Tech still recommend this travel applications. Stow can be used on iOS 6.0 and sized up 6.8 MB. This application can be found in the App Store with a penalty of $ 1.99.
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