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Spin and jump with Android and iOS Games Skateboard, Extreme Skater

Jumat, 15 Februari 20130 komentar

For those of you who are already experienced in skateboarding sport, surely this is not an easy activity, especially for beginners. This sport requires a large amount of the balance, something that is only held by some people. So, be thankful you can do this exercise with ease.

If you are someone who does not have the balance, do not worry, you can still enjoy everything that has to do with skateboarding as long as you have the right game for your mobile device. The developers at Miniclip has a game on their site popular enough decent made its mobile version. Now, you can practice your skateboarding skills wherever you are.

About Extreme Skater

Extreme Skater is a skateboarding game Android and iOS where you must complete the obstacles to get coins and continue to the next level. You can learn how to operate the game for a few levels, the game serves as a tutorial. Your satisfaction is complete each level to reach the end without falling off your skateboard.

Of course, there are lots of other extras that you can try to solve the challenge of getting more profits. There are many levels you can accomplish so many things you can do.


When you start the game, the main screen will look like the screenshot. Not much you can do but move on to the game - an option only allows you to enable or disable the music and sound effects, and there is also a store that lets you buy a lot of stuff.

To start the game, press Play. Game skateboard Android and iOS have the same approach with Angry Birds, where there are some differences in terms of options and some degree of difficulty to be resolved. In this game there are three levels of difficulty, namely Jungle Adventures, Urban Mayhem and Lava Mountain. Where each pick some level to be completed.

Controls on Android and iOS skateboard game is actually quite simple. To adjust the balance, you just tilt (tilting) of your device to the left and right, and swipe on the screen. As mentioned above, you can reach the next level when you reach the finish without falling from the skateboard, but there are coins that you can collect in each level as well as a variety of different ways to get more coins untunk. You can use all the collected coins to buy items in the store.


There are a number of items that you can buy at the store. These items include new tricks that can be used by the rider to complete a level, a new look for your rider, a new skateboard design, and skip levels if you are having trouble meneyesaikan certain level. You can also buy coins with real money so that you have plenty of coins to buy new items.

These items offer some adjustment, so it's worth a try if you're interested. But of all the items supplied, only one of which has the advantage that is, a level skip.


Game skateboard Android and iOS can be installed easily, and you can look it up on the app store compatible with your device to "extreme skater". It should be noted, that this game you can have a free for Android, but for iOS, you have to pay for $ 0.99. Game size is 28MB, so it took a while to download and install it.


Game skateboard Android and iOS does not have many features, but the game is visually very appealing and uses several controls that have been abandoned by many of the game is tilting. If you like the game-themed skateboard or other similar online games that use a bicycle, you will definitely enjoy this game. Additionally, if you are a user of the device with the Android operating system, you can enjoy the game without having to pay like the iOS device users. You can easily remove this game if you do not like it, without having to be accompanied regret having spent money.
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