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Some Computer Software You Should Have

Kamis, 07 Februari 20130 komentar

A computer can be compared to a house. A house without the stuff in it was just like a ghost house. Thus, it takes an item to beautify the house. For example, a chair, a good door, bathroom, bedroom and more. So is the computer. These objects also requires good computer software that can make it beautiful and comfortable to use.

To lighten the load, you can use free software. With this then you no longer need to spend more money. When the software is free, you just need an internet connection to download it. However, if you do not have a connection, you can use the free wifi available in your area. Download the computer software in order to provide comfort and good performance on the computer.

Thus, information will download computer software given away for free. Actually, the software is also paid. However, free software also does not lose its quality. The required software on the computer is as follows:

Mozilla firefox

This software is used when you are browsing the internet. By using this software it will be easier to get what you want. This software is very safe and convenient to use. In addition, firefox too quickly when doing searches on various websites that exist.

Not only that, look for firefox is also good, especially the epitome of this browser. With it, you will not feel bored and tired quickly when doing a search. In addition, firefox also can be faster than the previous setting. That thing is on firefox

AVG anti-virus

For computer users, the software is already familiar. AVG is commonly used to detect and remove viruses. So, with this software, your computer will be safer than the viruses that enter. AVG itself there that are both paid and unpaid. For those of you who feel less financially, you can use the free AVG. All of that at its core is to eliminate or detect the virus.

Auslogics disk defrag

Software or software can help the performance of your computer. With this software, your computer will be protected from damage by fragmentation. In windows you're using is already there, but with the help of this software will make the performance more quickly.

Advanced SystemCare Free

This software is no less important than the other. By using advanced systemcara free will help for you that will cloud computer. The function of this software is to clean, protect and speed up computer performance. This software can also be downloaded for free from the internet.

Security 360

This software also you can download for free in cyberspace. This software is relatively new. However, its performance can also protect your computer from spyware, hijackers, keyloggers and more.

Google picasa software

This software is perfect for those of you who have a collection of photos a lot. Therefore, this software will help you find all the photos on the computer. Not only looking but also organize and change it. This software can also be downloaded easily and free of charge on the internet.


This software will be helpful for those who frequently change the format of the posts. For example, from the word converted to PDF. With this software you will be easier to mengubahnya.meski very helpful, you do not need to worry because the software is also provided free of charge.


youtobe is the website that there is no saturation for the visit. Therefore, many videos are displayed in it. So, you also need to download the required video. The problem is you can not download the video. With this xvideoservicethief software, the problem will disappear. Software is also provided free of charge.


For those of you who have a lot of files on the computer sometimes has problems. Among them is that the file is not deleted immediately by your friends. So with Mozy, you can back up all the files. The process is done online.

Actually there are some software that you can download, but all the software is already enough for your computer. Hopefully this article paseban about downloading computer software is bermanfaa for you.
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