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Snow White Interactive Story - Android Application Support Education Children Learning English

Rabu, 20 Februari 20130 komentar

Learning the language of intelligence for children early on is very necessary if you want the child proficient in a foreign language, English for example. By learning English from an early age, then the child will be familiar with the language as a second language in addition to which he mastered the Indonesian language. Thus the child will be proficient in English later when he was an adult. New Tech will discuss applications to support the education of children learning English, namely Snow White Story Interactive. Following detailed explanation.


Snow White Story Interactive Application is the perfect interactive applications for your child. When the application is run, you will see several options in the main menu which will offer you the option of reading and playing, reading digital books directly to your child, or a choice of just reading a book alone. Setting the application is quite simple with a clear purpose. This application is great fun for your child to hear the story of a well-known classic fairy tales are accompanied by a parent as guardian. Layout is neat and easy to use to make your child comfortable and play. The interactive part, is you can tap around the items and characters shown with gold dots indicating that they can interact with users. With the different options in the main menu, gives you the option of learning styles that you and your child want.

Graphic and Appearances

Graphics and images from Snow White Interactive Story app is simply amazing. The characters and details are cute and adorable would be the best way of learning English in the delivery of your child. Animation on the application is also very good, with a touch of some features interactive games. You can tap on various objects in the room such as lamps and potted plants and change the zoom. As well you can also touch the figure of the character Snow White and cause them to spin or make them say a sentence in English. Text in a bubble too easily read by your child along with audio that sounds obvious. Music to suit children also decorate this application as background music in the story.


This application is very educational and will actually educate your child in terms of learning English from an early age. Due to used to hearing stories in English then automatically your child will someday be proficient in English. Surely you must be accompanied by a guide your child in order not to feel bored. Child educational applications developed by Developer The Lusca you can download for a fee in the Android Market for U.S. $ 2.99, . The price is quite expensive but it is certainly very useful for your child. You can download this application here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=TheLusca.com.SnowWhite&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsIlRoZUx1c2NhLmNvbS5Tbm93V2hpdGUiXQ
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