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Smartphone Security Issues You Need To Watch for Now This

Senin, 11 Februari 20130 komentar

At the present time, the use of smartphones for everything was common. Maybe you will use the smartphone to send email, to which it provided entertainment like games, as well as other functions such as homework help, chat, interact on social media, and watch videos. In addition, you can take advantage of smartphone cameras fixed on if you love photography. With a variety of uses, it is not surprising that people are flocking to use smartphones in daily activities.

Smartphones, as the communications media and services portable computers, has many things to be desired. However, the high mobility of a smartphone, the higher is also the risk that you may experience. With this will come the question, do you have a security app installed on your smartphone? Do you pay attention to smartphone security?

Smartphones that can be called a small computer, it also has a variety of threats on the computer like. These devices can be infected with trojans, worms, and other threats. This of course would be very disturbing, and we need to be one step ahead of security threats smartphone functions. The advantage of the use of smartphones is indeed amazing, but in addition, there are also disadvantages that you can be. Here are some media that can be infiltrated by a malicious program that you need to be aware of.

1.SMS or short message

Communication that has endured long past few years is a popular service that can be selected hacker to smuggle malicious programs therein. SMS spam is a bad thing, but have you ever thought it might be part of Smishing? The program is used to name the threat of a combination of SMS and phishing, and is used to retrieve personal crimes. Smishing can form a continuous update notifications or maybe even request information from you. Once you get hit, then you will be a bad day. To avoid this, of course, remove all SMS strangers you do not know it, although it is likely the message is to draw your attention.

2. Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Wi-fi is something that should not be missed, but the utilization of the network such as this can also threaten the security functions of the smartphone. Wi-fi may have generated malware scammers check out what your personal data, such as passwords, credit card data and personal information of other users. If you get free Wi-Fi in public areas that do not have a reputation, so avoid using it. If your smartphone will be portable hotspot, it is armed with a password to maintain the security functions of the smartphone. Also, you should change the password every time when you are using the feature. In addition, a variety of passwords that you use on smartphones will also need to be replaced periodically as Bluetooth settings and voicemail access. If you miss one thing, then it will lead you to something harmful.

3. Application

Of course, the application is required in the use of smartphones. Hottest issues in security function smartphone is simply and solely due to the rapid growth of a variety of operating systems. Fortunately, the app store is owned by an operating system like Android, there are ratings and reviews that you can make reference to install it. However, it would be dangerous if you install native applications on your smartphone. This is why in fact you just need to install applications that have a positive response. For Android users, the bigger threat comes from the app store are many alternatives available for these platforms. It is not surprising that the number of threats on Android continues to increase every year. If the malware is installed, the info is on your smartphone can be sent to the server from malicious programs.

Security threat smartphone functionality through an application you can correct by avoiding using an untrusted application. Applications such as these you can see from some of the things like the existing reviews. Specifically for Android, Android Market is a great service. If it is you are quite satisfied with using Google Play, then you should not need to install another app store, especially the alternative app store that is not trustworthy.
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