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Smartphone Lomography Film Scanner - Film Scanner Unique For The Lomographer

Jumat, 01 Februari 20130 komentar

Lomography is a global organization dedicated to experimenting and finding creative ways through analog photography. Starting from Russia and spread to a large number of the hobbyist community worldwide analog, Lomography offers other formats of photography. But that does not mean this community actually say "no" to the digital world. Sure there are adaptations they need to do. Therefore Lomography film scanners offer through Kickstarter project called Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner. So what this project offer? This little gadget offers instant way to scan 35mm film commonly used analog cameras. Not just scanning, film scanner can also print and share them online all the images you Lomo camera.

There are still quite a number of people who are interested in the world of analog photography or they are a collection of 35mm film, digitally present course will make you young again old memories. How to use the Lomography Film Scanner Smartphone is also quite easy. Enough to turn it on, insert the film, take photos through the use of smartphones and applications to edit photos and share them online. In an instant, you will have a digital photo of the movie version, which can be incorporated into the documentation file, mail, social media or print. This film scanner has been integrated with Lomoscanner application that allows users to perform editing easy.

Smartphone Film Scanner has been developed by a team with experience in Lomography analog photography. They have specialized in designing for analog cameras and its accessories. Scanner is designed with a light panel that is able to illuminate the film. Therefore it will scan each film frame as easily as when snapped photos through perangka smartphone. This gadget can work with all models of iPhone and some Android smartphones. You can scan film negatives into positives and combined into a panoramic photo using the camera as the Lomography LomoKino.

You can scan various types of 35mm Film Scanner menggnakan Lomography Smartphone's. Additionally you can do a kind of negative film scanning, color slide, black-and-white films adan. In addition, the device is also capable of performing well for scanning photo formats such as Horizon panoramic (180 degrees) and also camera Spinner (360 degrees) issued by Lomography. The project itself is intended as a form of celebration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment Lomography. During that time period, the organization has posted a record developing many types of cameras, film and accessories independently. For example, last year alone Lomography has released X 6-12 Belair camera that uses medium format camera 6x12 size. The measure is a new measure for medium format cameras. In addition the organization has produced a 35mm film camera capable of taking photos at an angle of 360 degree panoramic named Spinner 360. For Lomographer that has spread almost all over the world, of course it will be very exciting project to be awaited realization process.
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