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Six Things You Must Know Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2

Kamis, 07 Februari 20130 komentar

The phone is a device which is absolutely necessary today. In addition to 2-way communication, electronic devices can also be used as multimedia, gaming, driving directions, maps and more. For people who like hiking or any other activities that are outdoors, then you must have this phone.

This new smartphone from Samsung has outstanding toughness in terms of outdoor use. With the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2, Android Jelly Bean is a renewal of its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy Xcover. Is tough physical performance? This smartphone could steal the hearts of gadget lovers the world with his toughness? Here Paseban will seek information in brief for you.


Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 still carry the candy bar shape predecessor clad material dustproof and water proof (water repellent), which has a dominant color gray decorated with black around the screen. With dimensions of 130.5 x 67.7 x 12 mm smartphone is quite comfortable to hold and fits dikantong. Coupled with its weight is only 148.5 grams, making increasingly convenient to carry anywhere. In addition to the toughness, the smartphone is able to survive in the water for 1 hour and 30 minutes without damage. Really outstanding toughness.

In the front part of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 there are physical menu buttons are accessible with suppressed because this smartphone you will not find the touch, although the screen is a touch screen that is used. And at the top of the screen are the earpiece and front camera that can be used to take pictures myself. In regard to the right there is a button Lock / Power key and the camera shutter. While on the left side are volume buttons to zoom in and outgoing sound of the phone is tough.


The screen used in Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 uses a capacitive touch screen technology that is capable of displaying up to 16 million colors with a color screen sizes 4 inch 480 x 800 pixel resolution. Although Samsung put the toughness, but the smartphone is still able to respond to touch well on the touch screen. So you will not find a touch that is not read by screen.

Touch screen technology and Samsung's style went so well that the performance of the touch screen of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 screen is very delicate and smooth when sliding the screen. In addition, the Jelly Bean tough also use Scratch-resistant glass screen so it will not easily scratched.


Besides tough in terms of physical strength, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is also tough in terms of performance. This phone uses the latest Android operating system that has a nickname Jelly Bean which is a lot of operating systems using images and graphics are charming and capable systems.

So as to sustain the performance of the system is so powerful, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is implanted with a dual-core processor clocked at 1 GHz with 1 GB of RAM. So the performance of the applications running on Jelly Bean is pretty good and smooth.


To capture your precious moments, the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is fixed to the camera as much as 2 pieces. Behind the camera quality of 5 MP with LED flash along to take pictures in places that have low light levels, while the front camera has VGA quality standards that can be used for video chat or just take pictures themselves. The camera can also be used to record video with good enough quality that is 720p.


The batteries used in the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is the battery with a capacity of 1700 mAh. With these resources, the overall system performance can sustain for 1 full day with normal use. And will be able to last longer if you set the screen brightness and turning off features that are not used as WiFi and GPS.


Overall the specs of the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 is very good with all strengths. As physical toughness, good quality screen, the touch screen is quite good, stylish camera quality, battery fairly strong and capable operating system.

Besides toughness, Samsung also provides a quality of performance that does not mock. For those of you who are interested in this device, you have to wait for the new Samsung will be officially released in the first quarter of 2013 and there is still no information on what month. We wait
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