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Six Cheap Pocket Camera Options for Class Student

Sabtu, 16 Februari 20130 komentar

Along with the development of technology, the camera has become one of the products that attach to the activities of daily life - the day the people of Indonesia. Uses the camera was already mencabang to various other functions. The camera is not limited to a picture or video recording devices only, but it has become an entertainment product that creates a lot of fun for its users.

For most adults, maybe they bought a camera is a camera middle and upper classes, who did not function as supporting other hobbies, work, or business. Obviously, the higher the class occupied a camera, the higher the capacity, quality, and the price offered. However, how to students. It would be very rare if a student is fairly ordinary world of photography have interest to buy a camera - a camera upper middle class. Because, most of them buy another camera just as a means of entertainment and lifestyle supplement only. In addition, of course, middle and upper-class camera is not affordable to the pockets of the students, the cost of living is still borne by the parents or simply they do not have their own income.

Well, for Pasebania belonging to the students, but aims to have a pocket camera as a means of entertainment or other, may be looked at six Paseban inexpensive pocket camera boxed as a reference. To have a pocket camera, does not have to pay big. Enough to capitalize the fund under 1 million, you are able to pocket a pocket camera to be brought anywhere you want. What are some cheap pocket cameras available in the market today. Please refer 6 cheap pocket camera style Paseban below!

Sony Cybershot DSC-W510

The camera glides Sony is a cheap pocket camera quite a lot of interest. Seeing the price is only about Rp950.000, making this camera had occupied the front seat shortly after its launch in the camera market in Indonesia. It is also supported by the specification diusungnya. Thus, although it is priced low, but the quality and capability presented does not lose much with the camera - a camera with a price on it.

Canon PowerShot A800

If the previous camera is priced 950-thousand, the Canon PowerShot A800 slider is even much cheaper again. He was released to the market only with prices around Rp685.000 only. However, it is very reasonable, see specifications taken by the camera is a little far below the Cybershot DSC-W510 belongs to Sony. Even so, this camera is good enough to use to take pictures of various objects, rather than using a camera phone.

Kodak EasyShare M23

The next cheap pocket camera is a camera glide series Kodak EasyShare M23 family, which prices it offers only about Rp915.000. Quite surprising to see that spelled out the specifications EasyShare M23 is superior over the Sony Cybershot DSC-W510, but the ratio of the two prices a little cheaper than the camera, Kodak slide belongs to Sony. Perhaps because of the brand Sony a much more established than Kodak, so he dared membandrol slightly higher prices than the competition's.

Fujifilm FinePix JX370

About the price, it is priced at a range of Rp980.000. As for the ability diusungnya, this camera is similar to the Kodak EasyShare M23 output. Only, FinePix JX370 has a slightly higher price than competitors. This camera can be said is recommended for Pasebania who are looking for inexpensive pocket camera, but the quality and the ability to passable. It's just that, talk about choice, entirely in the hands of Pasebania all.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-S1

For Panasonic camera output, it has similar specifications to the Sony Cybershot DSC-W510. Only, the price offered for this camera is much cheaper than bandrolan Sony. Price is only ranged Rp775.000 camera. If anyone asks why, of course Paseban can not answer. Because, speaking of the quality of course no one can guarantee between the two. However, if you look at the second establishment camera vendor in the market, it is clear that Sony is much more aggressive and striking kemapanannya eyes of consumers.

Brica LSD

Cheap pocket camera last glide Brica LSD series. If you look at in terms of price and specifications, this camera is much lower compared to the previous-5 camera. It costs only ranged Rp600.000 only. Likewise with diusungnya specifications, this camera is quite below the previous cameras.
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