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Shutdown Windows Software to Organize Time and Conditions When Turning Off Your Computer

Selasa, 05 Februari 20130 komentar

Are you among those who like to switch off the computer when you want to sleep? Or do you like to listen to music to accompany your sleep? Or also watch movies as pengatar your sleep? It was a pity that your power source waste after you sleep. No one watching, no one heard (there may be, neighbors or other creatures) and no one to operate your computer. Another loss, damage to your computer components will occur more quickly. Would you let this happen?

Utuk good news like this is, the computer is a machine. We can set the machine to suit our needs. For example, you leave your computer turned on when I want to sleep because it is still downloading large files. But after that, the computer is still on. I hope this does not happen to you. Therefore, Windows shutdown will introduce software that could solve this problem.


Shutter is a simple software to solve problems like this. This software can send commands to the computer according to our choice such as creating timer shutdown, hibernate, off the monitor and others. It is the same as on the TV timer, only in this software are not just shut down the computer, many other commands that we can enter.

Not only that. In the dropdown menu in any part of the window we can set various conditions such as the computer 1GB download, internet ping under 10, Winamp stops, the battery runs low, and so forth. -Choice of options will help turn off the computer is for people who like to leave their computers turned on either asleep or away kesesuatu place. After choosing a suitable living arrangement you click the start button at the bottom of the window. This indicates a command that you created is already running. Now button next to them means execute the command that you make do on the spot. While the Option button to the far right dibagaian software settings such as setting General, Best Action, Best Action Extra and Web inteface. These arrangements allow other commands to the software.

Interestingly enough the last feature, the Web Interface. With this we can control the shutter remotely through an Internet connection. So do not be afraid if you forgot to turn off the office computer or laptop you miss home.

You can download this software for free here. 430KB file size. Small is not it? And this software does not need to be installed. This software is portable software, so prepare it on your flash.


DShutdown same function as the previous software, Namuan more features and zoom is also different. Pilhan DShutdown display all in one window. We just choose to check the options. With the features provided, DShutdown suitable for computer server, because we can give commands to computers in the same network. Suitable also used in the cafe-cafe because visitors usually like to surf in a specific time such as 1 or 2 hours. So after their time is up, we can give the order to shut down the computer, lockscreen, hibernate or other commands available in this software.

The interesting feature of this software is "shutdown if a monitor change color". When the color of the pixel to change color, the computer monitor will die. The colors used also depends on our choices. After selecting this feature, the cursor will change to a +, then the cursor like that we take the example of the color. When the pixel color according to the color you select before the computer will shutdown.

Although looks good, this software also has its drawbacks. This software is best run on Windows 64bit. On the 32bit system also running, but sometimes there are little bugs and crashes. The other issue is about giving commands to the computer network. Sometimes the ports used software and used the same local network so that the command could not be executed.

This application is also portable. 251KB file size and you can download it here for free. For Windows 98 and 7, this software only runs on 32bit systems.
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