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Setting Google Chrome The Unusual

Selasa, 12 Februari 20130 komentar

The battle between the fierce browser software only. Add-ons created to provide comfort for its use. While other browsers Chrome busy fighting drove away from them, Chrome creates its own stores to meet the needs of its users. All the user needs be it an extension, games, applications, or other toolbar united here as Google Play. It's a lot to review about all of their extensions. This time New Tech will give Google Chrome a few settings that are rarely known. Maybe a bit illegal but will not hurt Chrome.

Auto-Start Chrome incognito mode

To create a setting in incognito mode you have to start from the icon, quick launch or whatever you use to launch the browser. What changed is its properties. Right-click the icon or shortcut and select Properties, then select the shortcut tab. The content of the column shortcut C: \ Users \ Tina \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe. Change the address into C: \ Users \ Tina \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe "-incognito. Click OK, this means that we make the settings are saved and ready to be tested.

View tab in Chrome incognito whether the existing article or picture detective on the left of the window. There is a fast way, but only for a single window, how to press the CTRL + SHIFT + N. Incognito mode will be lost when you close this window.

Find PDF documents with Adobe Reader

If you are not happy with the default reader of Chrome you can change it. You could put your reader to replace the default reader such as Adobe Reader. You just need to disable Chrome PDF Viewer plugin and voilĂ . Built-in PDF you will handle it.

The trick, type chrome: plugins in the Chrome URL bar, search Chrome PDF Viewer then click Disable. But be sure, there are other PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader installed in your pc and also the circumstances enabled.

Access experimental features

Just like the Google Gmail Lab, you can also perform experimental in Chrome at home know where it is. To open a page experiment type about: flags in the Chrome URL bar. When I open the page the warning has been given by Google. The warning is a notice that all the contents of these features can be changed at any time or even disappear due to be removed by Google. New Tech recommend to use the Print Preview, Override software rendering list to speed up your browsing. still have to keep in mind that this could all be lost or changed at any time.

How to quickly enable and disable extensions

To log into your extension settings must click the settings icon is in the upper right corner and select the extention. If no, type chrome :/ / extensions / in the URL bar. From here you can enable and disable the extensions that are being used.

Some websites may reject the extension that you are using, it's fairly common. If you feel the website is important immediately prior disabling extensions that block. Or also you want to try another extension, and was contrary to the extension you use. If the extension you use is very much, help with space for scroling down.

Access your printer from anywhere with Google Cloud Print

Cloud services is easy and making activities associated with the data becomes easy. It is not a new feature, some even have websites providing online fax services. Despite Google Cloud Print can still help us in accessing our printer anywhere.

This feature has recently labeled a beta release, but it can be used optimally. With this extension we can send data to the printer we are close even though we are not as long as we have an internet connection.

To use costumisize click the icon and select settings. Search Google Cloud Print menu. But before you must register the brand, type, and information about your printer first complete. To Start Your computer must also be connected to printer order to facilitate alignment. Once the printer is listed then he is ready to print online. , do not turn off the printer.

Note: Not all types and brands of printers can be registered on this feature.
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