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Sanity - Best Android Phone Applications in the Android Market

Selasa, 05 Februari 20130 komentar

In the Android smartphone must already have several settings to control such as call block numbers, recording and so on. However, since this is Android then it will not stop there. Do not stop at the default feature. True say, Android is the king of the application. Almost all applications required by the user (even the unthinkable users) exist for Android.

This time we will discuss about the Android phone application, ie applications that make you have full control over your phone calls. we can decide who can call us, which number gets notice from you first, or even record calls automatically answer the call. Actually the more we can do than that mentioned above. We can arrange full of every phone call to us. This is a tremendous applications.


Sanity is a free application that you can get on Google Play. There is no paid version, only version Donate a price of $ 3.75 (as of this writing). Applications for free and donate not much difference. In applications donate all features enabled, create a shortcut on the main screen, call recording for two minutes and a few other extras. Using the free version is also not a bad choice for the free application had been very good and is full of features.

Telling calls and SMS

When you are in keramain or in a difficult place for you to see the screen of your smartphone this is a very helpful feature. This feature is referred to as the caller announcements. Actually, this is tantamount to a notice on your smartphone, just notice that the text be amended by a vote of Sanity (text-to-speech).

Automatic answer

This one feature seems to exist in every smartphone. We can make our smartphone automatically answer when we are in a state can not receive calls or other reasons. With Sanity, we can manage when we turn on the answering machine, anyone else we choose the call was answered by an answering machine or answering machine is also active when we are using a headset.

Call Recording

If the teacher, boss, girlfriend or wife often give complicated instructions or lengthy, it is wise to record it. We can make it as a reminder or evidence of orders given caller, especially when it comes to employment. In addition, orders from superiors that such evidence should be no text or recordings. So when your boss likes arbitrary command and when he had given instructions not forget, you already have the proof.

With sanity, we can record a call, we can choose a number which we will record when he makes a call, or we can also record while menelopon. This phone recording formats in the form of MPEG4, 3GPP or AMR by default that you do.

Block or allow calls

This feature may exist on most smartphones, but in Sanity made more flexible again. we are enabled to block numbers that we want. We can also choose the number you can call to us even when your smartphone in silent mode, or also increase the volume of numbers for emergency calls.

Set the Sound

Sanity can also adjust the volume of calls, so when you use haedset you certainly do not want to hear the ring tone keres even though it's one of your favorite songs. We can also adjust the volume of each number that's on your smartphone. whether the call from Mrs. maximal volume, minimal volume of mistresses, girlfriends volume of medium and others.

Controlling Devices

In addition to dealing with the call-in phone call, Sanity may also serve to control additional devices. With sanity we can turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS when you're calling. So, whenever there is an incoming call these devices will be turned off. This is useful for the smooth operation of your call because it may signal the phone, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth contrary to blur the sound when an incoming call or you're calling. It is also useful for saving battery.

Notifications and shakes

There was one time may be difficult to reach your smartphone in your pocket or purse. Lest you feel that There was a notice that went, could make arrangements to vibration. So, your smartphone will vibrate when an incoming There notification.

Similarly Sanity review this time. To download it for free you can click here for the free version and here for the donate version. Great for a 627KB file and a 33KB version for free donate version.

Note: You must install the free version first if you want to use the donate version. Version donate just an additional increasingly easier for us
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