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ROHAN: Blood Feud Fantasy Game For PC

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Rohan: Blood Feud Rohan or called an online course is pretty much popular in Indonesia. This is a game created by one of the famous online game developer YNK Korea, was first released on May 28, 2008 last. Not only Korea, currently Rohan: Blood Feud has been available in the server version such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Popularity Rohan: Blood Feud is also on the cooperation between YNK Interactive YNK Korea with a publisher and distributor of games such as Aeria Games and Entertainment, Level Up!, And Games Philiphines.

Flow Rohan game almost as much as the games of other fantasy genre full of mystical stories and the supernatural. In the beginning God created the universe in seven days, and Edoneh born of the silence and tranquility. As stated before God created the universe in seven days, but he gave it to Ian universe as a gift, and Ian in turn gave birth to five little god called Roha, Gale, Marea, Flox, and Silva.

After Ian controlled the whole universe, eventually he ordered his subordinate deities called "The Lesser" to make each creation. Roha duty created man, Gale created the giants, Marea and Flox Elves create the magical creatures found in mythology Germanic tale, while Silva created the Halflings. And here too the five gods compete to create a new world and the region they called Rohan.

The gods put their creations on separate regions of Rohan, but Ohn which acts as another ruler creates a dragon to secure the area and assigned to patrol the area of ​​each god. But some time later there was a disaster and something happened to Ohn. Fifth Gods, in an effort to turn decide to kill Dragons Ohn retrieve the power of creation that he used. Finally, the fifth dragon god killed all but one, and the one remaining dragon hiding in the western side of the island with the Dhan race that had previously been inhabited. Dhan race has sworn enemy races named Dean and they lived for nearly 10 years of war.

The dragon used as a tool of war by one race, this is what makes the gods decided to send his creations creatures like elves to eradicate all racial factions. Unfortunately, the Elves are gendered feminine in fact have a close relationship with the human race to produce more offspring. This descent form half human and half elf, they created a new civilization deep in the woods Morrisen. New creatures that later had to be killed because they are like monsters that interfere with other civilizations.

Game Rohan: Blood Feud is designed as a multiplayer game that makes you to play with more than one character in a mission. By running the character you choose, you will be engaged in search missions and killing monsters, perform magic, adopt a pet and buy mounts to facilitate the mission, and to interact with NPCs or other players. You can also enter in group mode where you have the power to control the occupied territories.

In the task of hunting and killing monsters, each character will receive assistance to facilitate the mission. One is the relief of Animals to help combat. Animals were obtained'll level up if fed in a certain amount, it will certainly improve certain pet. In addition you will also get additional weapons that can be combined.
You can download Rohan: Blood Feud for free from the official website here

Playrohan.com provides several alternative download link and you can choose one of them. For specification requires at least Windows 2000 and above is because this game is not able to run smoothly on Windows 98. Recommended your PC has a CPU Intel Pentium D 915 (2.8GHz), and AMD Athlon64-X2 3800 (2.0Ghz) or better yet, if higher. As for the graphics problem would be very fitting if you use a PC Geforce 6x00, Radeon x600 or higher with a minimum capacity of 256MB. With that requires so much, of course, this game has a fairly large file size, which is about 2 GB more.
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