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Roccat Lua Tri-Button Gaming Mouse is Not Cheap Cheap one

Sabtu, 16 Februari 20130 komentar

Gamers do have their own equipment. Many computers and pendukungknya specially made for games such as mice, keyboards, headsets, keyboards, monitors and even laptops palm rest was there that made the game. The need for sophisticated gamers will be the commercialization of land to developers. For example, a mouse pad. Gamers have its own mousepad. Is it really like? Why not use ordinary mousepad or a book as a pad to play the game?

Some games there should be as small as possible to minimize errors. As game play FPS (First Person Shooter). Slightly off the surface of the mouse cursor as uneven pad will cause the enemy does not get shot and it could be our shot. Or also strategy games like Warcraft. Speed ​​and accuracy click is needed because it takes the support it deserves.

One of the most sought after gaming device is Mouse. For big games like AVA, DOTA, HON, Dragonest and others can not be played without a mouse. Could use a standard mouse, it's just that you have to be prepared so the butt of other people when PVP (Player Versus palyer) or difficult to defeat monsters in PVE (Player Versus Enemy). Because it is a special gaming mouse is needed. Not to mention a gaming mouse features that facilitate moving the character with the key players in the mouse.

The problem is, the price of the mouse-mouse gaming. The price is rarely cheap. Range from hundreds to millions of dollars. This time New Tech will provide an overview of gaming mouse that price is not too expensive but its ability not inferior to the expensive. His name is Lua Roccat Tri-Button.

Roccat Lua Tri-Button is a simple gaming mouse that gives the impression of an elegant and very easy to brain-tweaking. Users can alter the functions of the buttons on the mouse will. In addition there are about 20 settings that you can record a macro to be applied in one of the mouse buttons. This gaming mouse profits. Some of the activities in the game play can be united into a button.

Roccat Lua Tri-Button has three basic buttons like its name. But in fact he has four basic buttons. Just like Taipan Razer gaming mouse featuring simple shapes. But the price is much cheaper than Taipan Razer. Mouse Price is only US29, 99 only. When compared with the other Razr Taipan US82, 99, Steel Series Kinzu sudaranya U.S. $ 49.00 and U.S. $ 68.88 Roccat Savu. Pretty much difference for simple gaming mouse category.

Design and Features

Lua is a kind of ambidextrous design, making it suitable for left-handed gamers. Although not a lefty so players will also be comfortable with him because its design is similar to the senior Roccat Savu. As Savu, she also has that extra grip when in use can not be separated. Materials extra grip is made of matte-finish pelastik but do not make it like sandpaper.

Although called Tri, Lua actually have 4 basic buttons are left and right mouse buttons, clickable scroll and adjust the sensitivity. Unlike the Steel Series Kinzu and Razer tycoon who put a lot of buttons for ease of play MMORPG games, Lua maximize essentially 3 buttons to play the game. With the additional 20 macros that can be set. You could say this is a traditional yet very useful feature. He is therefore more suitable for FPS gaming.

Lua weight including cables up to 3.5 ounces with dimensions of 1.4 X 2.5 X4.6 inches. Also use plug-and-play, so no need additional driver and run well on Mac or Windows. Lua sensors capable of tracking more than 2000 DPI. Scroll keys can be used to change items such as changing weapons in FPS games.

To measure the price of U.S. $ 29.99 Lua seems to have a very strong ability. The design is also superior to Razer Taipan. Taipan Design Razer has little short on the buttons they provide. It seems that the grip is too much to annoy users. Lua is a cheap gaming mouse, simple and quality, thereby won the category of simple gaming mouse
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