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Review of Avira Anti Virus Best Free Anti-Virus Free 2013

Rabu, 13 Februari 20130 komentar

Avira anti-virus 2013 is a selection of the best anti-virus 2013. Avira will address a wide range of variants of viruses and malicious programs applications such as malware, worms, rootkits and dialers application variants. A wide selection of anti-virus may have been strewn lot on the internet, but does that make Avira antivirus should you make the choice to protect your computer, notebook or your laptop?

Avira itself offers a wide range of products to suit the needs of your computer such as Avira Free Antivirus, Avira Anti-virus Premium 2013 ($ 29.99), Avira Internet Security 2013 ($ 59.99) and Avira Internet Security Plus ($ 81.99). You can use your computer needs, whether it will be used as a business or simply be used on your personal computer.

On this occasion Paseban will try to review one of the best antivirus apps 2013 that you could possibly make if the current reference in. Because as a free application, various features and also advantages from the Avira anti-virus protection is adequate as a computer application.

Avira 2013 alone offers the addition of new features such as Avira Social Network Protection where this feature will protect your device from viruses and also from various forms of pornography may not want when kids use the computer online. Unlike other anti-virus, Avira 2013 is not going to spend the memory RAM can cause your system to be uncomfortable or "slow" time of use.

In the free version of Avira is specifically performed a variety of improvements and additional features, the users who install Avira Search Toolbar will no longer display a pop-up form of advertising when you connect to the intenet as the Avira Free 2012. This free version of Avira 2013 by default will make the process of checking the latest updates automatically if you are connected to the Internet every 6 hours once to make sure anti-virus Avira yours is still up-to-date to prevent the new virus variants, you can change the timing of updates The control panel on the menu Avira liking. In the system tray icon logo also made additions to the options menu allows you to change various settings without having to open the display interface of the application Avira. Avira anti-virus 2013 is also equipped with a powerful firewall features that will organize and protect your systems both when you are online as well as offline. When there is an application running without your knowledge, you can allow the application to run or block the application if the suspected computer viruses.

The following are the advantages and features offered by Avira Free Antivirus 2013

Fastest Installation

Avira has poses quick installation and simple on your own computer as compared to other antivirus installation process, so if you are not a professional one computer though will feel easy to operate.

The Simple Interface Display

Antivirus has a very interesting feature with the interface and the most convenient to use. All the features of the 2013 Avira can be done with a single click by clicking a button on-off. Avira application main view you will get green to indicate that the system is safe, yellow indicates that there are several important features that are turned off or some necessary safety features are turned off there, if it is red then it indicates that there is a serious threat that might disrupt your system.

Run Silently

Avira Free Antivirus will run silently (Run Silently) millik your computer system without the annoying message. It is useful to save your RAM usage, so the system's computer will not droop when used


Avira Free Antivirus can perform the scan viruses, rootkits, trojans, adware and kill them all as they were found by Avira anti virus 2013 application on your computer system. You can also do the scan part or all your hard drive automatically, or manually. Avira Free Antivirus can detect and remove more than 200,000 varain old and new viruses.

The WebGuard

This feature is available when you install the Avira toolbar. WebGuard feature serves to protect computer systems from malware attacks, virus or when you're doing activities online. This application will help to block a site that could potentially threaten your koputer system by blocking the sites that could potentially harm your computer system.

If you install an application Avira Search toolbar, you will get protection from Tracker Blocker Browsing, which is a feature to prevent tracking your online activities while connected to the internet. If Avira suspected hazardous site then Avira will warn you of potentially dangerous websites before you click the link the site, the site could potentially steal your personal information or some script that could harm your computer system. Before downloading Avira Free 2013 application and install it on your own computer, you should pay attention to the following minimum requirements specifications:

Windows 8

Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit or 64-bit)

Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)

Windows XP SP2 (64-bit)

Minimum RAM 1024 MB RAM (Windows Vista, Windows 7)

Minimum. 512 MB RAM (Windows XP)

Minimum 150 MB HDD

Computer processor with a minimum processor speed of 1 GHz


• You can install does not comply with the specifications above minimum requirements, but the computer system you will feel heavy when used.

• When the intsalasi make sure you run it as "Run As Administrator"

• Avira Free 2013 recommended using an internet connection, due to the update process, and will ensure your computer system is secure.

If you have selected a "security guard" on the computer system, you can download one for free best antivirus application that Avira 2013 free by visiting the official website at this link. [AG]
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