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Quick Read - Speed ​​Reading Applications For The iPad

Jumat, 01 Februari 20130 komentar

We can also easily find people who are reading on the go or while waiting. But there is one thing that can prevent someone from reading even more time. For someone whose hobbies are reading, they often feel a little upset that the time used to read less pretty, but they still have many books to read. Iam find a solution to the problems mentioned above, by using an application called Read Quick read that can be downloaded on the App Store.

Applications made by Action Now this allows you to be able to read faster, so you can read more books or articles per day. Then how does it work? Basically, this application is an application that provides a variety of articles from a wide range of topics and sources. At the time of running the Quick Read first time, you'll see the various titles of articles and also a preview of the contents of the article. In addition to the title of the article, there is a logo clock with time display. Display time is the average time it takes someone to read the article. The longer the article, the display time will be longer. Applications are reading this posting articles than you can read for two minutes until the article 16 minutes. You can also specify a target number of words per minute you must meet, ranging from 50 to 800 words per minute. However, the recommended amount is about 250 to 300 words per minute.

After choosing a title that feels interesting article to read, press on the title and you will be taken on the display to read the article. Herein lies the uniqueness of the Quick Read. If in general the article is provided in full, then the application you only provided one word at a time. Thus you have to press the screen to read the next word. And so on until you finish reading the article. When reading you can also see how the rest of the time available to complete the article. By reading the words one by one, you can be more focused when reading and not distracted by other things around you. It is also believed to increase reading speed and concentration.

So if after reading it that way will increase your reading speed? All can be seen on the menu Read Quick's Stats. This menu shows how many articles you read per week, month, and year. In addition you can find out the average speed while reading. Information and statistics on what motivates you to be able to read faster, and of course, still understand the content of the articles you read.

The application also provides several settings that can be changed according to user tastes. You can change large or small paper provided. If you still want to read but can not read it at that moment, you can select the articles you want to read by pressing the + Playlist, then automatically you will get the option Timed Playlist menu.

This application also has the performance and design of applications that should be appreciated. Interface of this application is a little similar to Instapaper application view. It is not intended to trace, but it is done so that the user is more familiar and easier to use. Design is packed with simple and minimalist, and using calm colors that will not make your eyes tired quickly. This application also runs very smooth and very responsive. Nests are rarely found in the application crashing problems.

Unfortunately, this application is only available on the iPad only. So for those of you who have other Apple devices can not use it. Quick Read is 11. 7 MB and can be used on iOS 5 and above. By paying $ 3.99, you can get apps to read this here https://itunes.apple.com/ID/app/id515138359?mt=8&ign;-mpt=uo=4.
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