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Profile 2 World Famous Hacker Group: Anonymous & LulzSec

Senin, 18 Februari 20130 komentar

If you are an active following the developments in the computer world, surely you often hear two names always associated with organizations that share the act of hacking, the Anonymous and LulzSec. Both of these names you'll often hear in the media as a hacker organization that is very dangerous. However, many internet users are actually considers them as one of the freedom fighters in the world of internet.

Therefore, to find out more about the doings two famous hacker, New Tech will explore both short profile of the neutral. Here's his review.


Anonymous is an organization of activist hackers known with Guy Fawkes masks or symbols commonly known as V for Vendetta. They usually always make sense to perform a variety of protest against certain decisions. Karea follow these horns is not wrong if they are now very well known in the hacker world.

Anonymous itself began to emerge in 2003 was orchestrated by members of Futaba-based imageboards. Anonymous also known as Anti-Illuminati activists. Interestingly, In 2012, Time magazine put the name "Anonymous" as one of the most influential people in the world. Anonymous is also considered as one of the biggest contributor to WikiLeaks.

One of the unique things that are owned by Anonymous this is the fact that in it there is no leader or influential person. Therefore, the system of organization of Anonymous this looks like a mess. However, if explored further, the organization looks like an umbrella that shelters many groups underneath. In fact, there is a call if the organization LulzSec also include groups that are under the auspices of the anonymous.

Lots of behavior that has been done in this Internet world, some of which are quite well known are:

-Attacking hottel Habbo, a game that contains elements of racism as often forbid the use of black colored avatars to participate.
-Doing things deface the site owned Turner, who is a white politician who opposed the action Holocaust.
-Conducting hacking against some of the biggest hip-hop website SOHH.com and AllHipHop.com like.
-Striking website HBGary Federal, a security company that bekkerja for the U.S. government.
-Operation sony, attacked Sony's PlayStation Network that caused the network down for quite a long time.
-Operation Anti-Security, which is an operation that collaborate with LulzSec to break into various government-owned sites.
-Operation Darknet, which is a massive operation to attack child pornography as well as disseminate information about anyone who frequently contribute to the porn site.

Although most successful operations carried out, but there are also some operations to fail. Among them is the failure to break into Facebook and also break NYSE website.


When compared with Anonymous, the group LulzSec is more organized. The group consists of only 6 people rarely stumble problem for his actions even though what they do is not really clean. This group memeiliki motto "Laughing at your security since 2011!" Which means "Laughing at your security since 2011!". From the motto tersbut can we know if such actions did was for the fun of it.

On June 26, 2011, LulzSec issued a "50 Days of Lulz" to celebrate the 50th day they operate. in that it contains a wide range of accounts and secret passwords of various websites that they had stolen. In addition, there are also some actions of LulzSec is a fairly well-known, such as:

-Releasing X-Factor contestant database
-Releasing Fox.com sales database which includes usernames, passwords, and information workers
-Perform and also deface PBS.org divulge proprietary database while making a fake article titled "Tupac is alive"
-Leaking proprietary database SonyPictures.com
-Cracking Nintendo.com site, but only some files are leaked because they are fans of Nintendo.

In addition to these things, they also often do a small release in the group's Twitter account.
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