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Prediction World Technology Development Years to Come

Senin, 11 Februari 20130 komentar

Increasingly, the development of the technology world is growing rapidly. Some of the technologies that have not even occurred to any man come and go. Therefore, in this article New Tech tries to predict what technology would be present before us a few years to come.

All things will be integrated with the internet

Future technology is the closest to reality is the integration of the Internet. Because almost everything in today's world can be done over the internet so it may not be long before everyone will be connected to the Internet, ranging from televisions, refrigerators, even though rice cooker.

A few years ago we might still difficult to get a cell phone signal in a remote place. Now, virtually all places are covered by a mobile network. Then it is not impossible if 5 or 10 years into the future all the places are covered by WiFi networks.

Streaming Entertainment will replace Cable

The next technology that will soon world are streaming technology. The emergence of a wide range of Smart TVs later this will also speed up streaming as a service that will reach everyone. With this streaming service that everyone can watch their favorite television shows via the Internet without the need to depend on the programs offered by the television station.

By doing so, then this technology will indirectly replace the cable television technology slowly. Maybe for now it looks difficult because many flagship events that aired on cable television. But if the next few years these events can be watched without memalui cable television, then people will definitely choose this streaming media.

Control a computer with your mind

If you've read some articles that show you how to control your computer kepda through facial movements on webcam, then you would not be too surprised if one day you can control the computer only through the mind. Because the past few years, researchers have conducted a study to be able to translate brain waves into a word.

If the study has been successfully completed, then you must be prepared to enter the world of the latest technology. You will go to the world that you often see in many Hollywood sci-fi films often depict computers with mind control. Someday, you no longer need to type or sliding the mouse because only by using a device in your head, then you can directly control all the programs in the computer.

Technology a mind reader

If the computer can be controlled by the mind, then obviously there will be a device that can read the brain waves. It must be very scary stretcher because there will be no privacy anymore in this world.

Some time ago, NASA successfully launched satellites that can read the temperature of the earth by infrared sensor technology is the most advanced TIRS (Thermal Infrared Sensor). Now try to imagine what if one day there are satellites equipped with sensors to read everyone's mind? It will certainly be an issue in the future.

Integration between biology and computer

Enough about the mind reader technology. Now we'll move on to another technology that will benefit many people, the biotech. Now we already know range of technologies such as fingerprint biometrics, voice recognition, face recognition, and others. these technologies may soon be replaced by technology that can embed the chip in your body.

Imagine, one day you no longer need to carry a credit card or a credit card because the card chip is embedded in your hand. That way, when you want to make a deal, you only have to thrust your hand into the machine sensor and you can instantly make a deal. In addition to facilitate the financial transaction process, you will no longer lose the card and of course nothing will be stolen.
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