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Play Sport Game Google Chrome In Your Browser

Senin, 04 Februari 20130 komentar

Since its increasingly popular Chrome, Web Store, and they are also much more diverse content. Actually, if the extension is not new to Chrome, but the applications and games seems to still only available in the Chrome Web Store. Although still new, Chrome Store games are pretty much the majority of the game and also on Google Play like Angry Bird, Plant VS Zombie, Poppit and others. Completeness of Content Store Chrome more and more types and amount that they deserve shop called the store.

This time New Tech would recommend Google Chrome several games available on the Chrome Web Store. Game is a game that we choose sport. This type of game is a game that many fans, perhaps because we can learn the sport in the game or just want to experience the sport without having to sweat. Whatever the reason you play sports games, which is important you do not forget to exercise real, not just a game.

The Champions 3D

Football is a very popular sport of football in our society even though this country is in tough times. In order to still be entertained with this sport, you can play it in Chrome. Yes, the image quality is not as good as in the PS 3 or tablet, this is more like a game in SEGA and Nintendo, but the appearance was simple 3D. To control it we can use keyboard keys A, S, D, W or the arrow keys. To pass the ball using the C and M to shoot. The game is quite fast, so you have to be experts in menggocek and pass. Adapting a few minutes then you will be familiar with the controls. Download The Champions 3D free here.

WTG and WGT Golf Challenge Golf Game

This golf game has two game modes first, the game with the goal of how close you can hit the golf ball into the hole, and the traditional mode 18 Hole. In the first mode we only hit once. Of the blow will be assessed score. The closer to the hole the higher the score you get. While the second game mode is the normal course. You must complete the 18 holes to finish the game. Some blow to the hole, until the ball into the hole.

CoverFlow easy but the hard part is making us fit hit the power and precision. You need to click near the club, then pull until you feel enough energy to swing a golf club. The graph is rather large. Download WTG Golf Challenge here and here WGT Golf Game.

Baseball Game

This game is quite simple, not complicated to play and adapt to the controls. This game has two modes, the first Bottom of the Ninth mode and the second is the Arcade Mode. In the first mode you play as one player on your team and there is twice the chance to play for your team. In arcade mode we tried to collect as many points by hitting the ball into the set targets.

Accuracy is the key to beating this game. When a pitcher (pitcher) throws the ball and the wind will be strong indicators that show it. You just have to expect that you stick on the ball and hit the ball right dibagaian down, up, or sampaing with the mouse. Like the original game, it's all going fast and you also have to quickly determine the blow. Download Bassball game here.

Canvas Rider

Game one is very unique. The graphics 2D and very simple and only a pen lines. Understandably, this bike race tracks made by users themselves, you can also create their own tracks and share with others. From games that are reviewed above, this game is a favorite, simple but it takes ingenuity, we control the bike to avoid falling. Why? Pity to see that riding a bicycle when it toppled, crushed badanya like colliding with the track. Fortunately the developers make a simple image like this, if not we will see clearly how the agency cyclist crushed by falling.

Control using the arrow keys. Over for riding a bike, right to push the bike forward, left to pull the bike backwards. This control can be used to properly position the bike landed on the track. Download Canvas Rider game here.
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