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Play Free Arcade Google Chrome Extension Through 7 This

Minggu, 03 Februari 20130 komentar

In today's world, playing computer games can be done anywhere. It is not independent of the number of game developers are releasing games for various platforms. Even sometimes we meet a variety of games that exist in applications that were previously untouched by the game, one of which is the browser.

Yes, this time a browser can also be used as a place to play games. one browser that can be used for this is Google Chrome. There are a lot of Google Chrome extensions in the form of fun games that make the browser like Chrome is a free arcade game console.

Various kinds of games are available in the Chrome browser is certainly not a game that requires the processor class. These games are just a simple game that can be played instantly. However, those games will definitely make you forget the time. What are these games? Check out the list below:

Game Button

Game button is an extension that provides a lot of games for a variety of categories. Categories contained in the Game Button include Action Games, Driving Games, Casino and Card Games. You can play it directly from a browser without the need to go to a site first. When there is a new game that comes up, then the game will also be directly printed on this Button Game.

JoyRack Games

JoyRack Games is a Chrome extension that will direct you to the games that are on the site JoyRack.com. There are so many games and you can play category like action games (eg 3D Space Hawk), racing games (example: Snowboard Challenge), classic games (eg Magic Balls), sports games (eg, Mini Golf) and many again. You might be a little confused when choosing because so many games there.

You can play games directly through the mini-Windows or through his website JoyRack. In addition, you can also install a separate extension to play other games such as Chess and the Tic-Tac-Toe.

OMGPOP (Multiplayer Online Games)

Omgpop.com is a multiplayer game that is played with other internet users. There are about 16 games available through its Chrome extension. Some games can be played in single player, but of course it would be more exciting if you invite your friends to play. You do not need to sign in to play these games even if you can actually do sign in so that your game statistics are saved.

Classic Games

Classic gaming is a Chrome extension that has a wide range of classic games. There are 9 classic games that you can play directly from your browser such as Helicopter, Pacman, Max Dirt Bike, and others. Those games will certainly be very familiar to those of you who often played classic consoles.

McDonald's Manager Game

In a McDonald's Manager game game you will play as a McDonald's manager. Your job is to regulate the whole wheel of your restaurant business from the start even the smallest things, like buying grass for the horses pulling the wagon fast food, and others. The main objective of this game is to get the benefits of the magnitude of the fast food business.


Next is the Avalanche game in which you play a character that terhidar from falling hailstones. To play it you only have to shift the character to the right and to the left. Although it looks easy, but this game is actually pretty hard to play. You can set background music according to your taste. besides, you can also submit your score that you get to see the extent of your ability when compared to the others.

Ping Pong 3D

The last game you can play Ping Pong is 3D. In this game you only need to move the bat with your mouse to hit the right. You should be able to hit it exactly as if it is too early or too late, then you will not be able to reach the ball
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