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Picture Your Face Cartoon Effect Using iMadeFace Popular Applications

Rabu, 20 Februari 20130 komentar

One of the unique smartphones are on the abundance of gaming options and applications that can be downloaded. It's countless how many unique applications in the Android Market and the iTunes Store. One of the unique applications that many users enjoy today is the application where you can draw a face with unique effects. There are applications that carry the effects of caricature, cartoon effects, while submitting the entire editing process in accordance with the imagination and creativity of its users. However, not all applications are satisfying both performance and of public judgment. Therefore this time New Tech will review the popular iOS application that is not only fun, but also received positive reactions from its users.

This application is named iMadeFace produced by developers Keyloft LLC. As the name suggests, the application iMadeFace serves to create facial images using cartoon effects. Usually, this kind of application using a photo of yourself before editing, but in iMadeFace not. You are the one that determines the image of the starting contour the face, eyebrows, eyes, nose, ears, hair to match with someone who wants you described. Is so you should be good to draw to use this application? Absolutely not. iMadeFace provide numerous choices of face and hair with different colors. You just choose the perceived fit and match the face you want to draw.

The first time you run iMadeFace, you have to determine the sex of your character. After that you will be immediately taken to the customization process. Maybe at first you will feel confused and do not know what to do. But after knowing the actual function of this application, you will be absorbed into it and the time will run noticeably faster. To open a brief tutorial, press your finger on the top right of the screen and you will be notified of the ways to use this application.

To select the face, you just slide your finger left or right across the screen. There are many options that you can use, but of course you can only choose either one alone. Choose really like your face or character you want to create. To change the color, you have to do is slide the screen up or down. Application iMadeFace is very simple. Just to rub your finger, a funny and unique face can already be made.

Then after the first face is finished, what else should you do? There are many, one of which is to determine the background so that the overall picture looks more attractive. You can also enter text under the image of the face such as Crazy, Gorgeous, Amazing, Wonderful, and many more. To obtain an image, background, and new accessories, you can buy it for $ 0.99 per pack on in-app purchase.

Having made your face is completed, the next step that must be passed to the application iMadeFace is split. You can directly send a picture of your work on various social networking sites. You can even send it through e-mail or save the gallery to be your personal collection. Your face can be used as an avatar Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or a picture on a phone contact.

When you buy new accessories and background available on the in-app purchase, there is a logo application while you wear them. It is considered quite disturbing as little blocking images and creativity. So to eliminate your need to use other photo editing applications available on your smartphone. Choice of text in this application is also quite limited and unfortunately you can not change the text and font to suit your tastes.

Application iMadeFace ranks number one on the list of top-selling apps in many countries, including Indonesia. So there's no reason not to try this application. iMadeFace size of 7.4 MB and requires iOS 6.0 to the top before you can download it at the App Store. And finally, the application is available for free here! https://itunes.apple.com/ID/app/id582560267?mt=8&ign;-mpt=uo=4
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