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Physics, Puzzle and Si Juvenile Join So one in Game Puzzle Android Amazing Alex

Rabu, 06 Februari 20130 komentar

Amazing Alex is a puzzle game that involves Android basics of physics, such as gaming Apparatus. Both are also about building objects from simple things around us, both of them have the same goal, but that makes Android puzzle game became more fun was the presence of prominent sons and a chain reaction with the things that we see in around us every day.

Alex from the bedroom to the home tree, we are required to think creatively and laterally. Both could come together and be fun. This game asks you to experiment and find solutions for a variety of things. Amazing Alexini game itself comes from the developers who created the Rovio game Angry Birds.

Hello, Alex!

Alex is a tad naughty, yet creative. To play with the Amazing Alex, of course, first you have to download it in the Android Market or the iTunes Store. The game is available for free, but with ads and a paid version for $ 0.99. There is also a paid version for Android 2.1 and above, but the pattern of the game for both platforms is exactly the same.

Amazing Alex takes you into his world. You will begin your journey in the Classroom. The Classroom is a place where the game is taught to you. Android puzzle game is about preparing ordinary objects and make them interact with each other in a way that physics puzzle can be solved. For example, there are pictures that show common objects around the classroom or home, such as benches, cardboard, ball and basket. The purpose of this puzzle is to assemble the objects in such a way that it can start a chain reaction, which would put the ball into the basket.

Interactive objects are all available by clicking on the little bag icon on the bottom right. You can click on the play button at the top right to see the path of the ball and check for errors.

Location, Level, and More Many Object

The Classroom is your grip to get through the first stage and make it look so simple. It's simple, but it all becomes more challenging when the Amazing Alex out of the classroom. Amazing Alex must meet the challenges of confusing at four locations - The Clasroom, The Backyard, Alex's Bedroom, and The Treehouse. Then there is a new level every week that you can download, and before you get bored, you can create your own levels. To move to the next level, you must complete the challenge before and collect three stars.

There are about 100 levels and 35 interactive objects for you to play. Levels created by other players to create many levels made different choices. What is interesting is that there will be more than one solution to a puzzle. You can use the interactive objects such as pipes, scissors, and even balloons to solve the puzzle. There is no time pressure, so you can play this game all the time until you complete the puzzle.

Is the absence of a timer is a good thing or bad, is purely subjective. Maybe you'd rather finish the puzzle in relax without feeling pressed for time. There is also for some players who prefer more challenge. Then, each higher level here is very challenging and involves a number of agility in terms of the movement of your finger on the touch screen.

Amazing Alex is not Angry Birds

Very few games that can match the popularity of piggy and the grumpy bird. Amazing Alex did not like the second game. Although this game also involves objects that collapse, but this physics-based game is not at all like the Angry Birds to launch birds to destroy the headquarters of the piggy. You should be using your brain to think about the solution of each puzzle in this game.

The only drawback of this game is if the game is played on a small screen it will be more difficult to place these objects accurately. This game is much better when played on a tablet like the iPad. Amazing Alex also sophisticated in assembling objects such as Apparatus, Crazy Machines, or Enigmo. Though this game look colorful is very good. Download Amazing Alex games in the Android or the App Store.
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