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Optimize your iPhone with Cydia Jailbreak, Make Your iPhone More Personal

Selasa, 12 Februari 20130 komentar

Cydia is a third-party, independent installer application for the product - the output of Apple products. Cydia is developed by Jay Freeman (Saurik) and is actually similar to the Apple app store provide. Cydia allows you to download applications, themes, tweaks and utilities that will make your iOS device better. Cydia provides many applications that can be downloaded for free or paid. Then What is the difference between the App Store on the device that Apple remove the Cydia?

Cydia offers over 400,000 applications program tweaks and modifications, themes and more. In Cydia there are some applications that are not approved by Apple. Some applications are arguably very important for your Apple device. Utility and modifications can be found more in Cydia that would not be included in the App Store.

For example, Apple does not provide ability to change the theme of the iPhone. But the fair every smart phone owners will want to modify the appearance of the device so as not to feel bored. In Cydia jailbreak, you can modify it by installing an app called "Winterboard" which allows you to download, install, and modify the theme on your Apple device.

Everything in Cydia called the package (package) and usually have the extension. Deb. For example Ultrasn0w, Installous, Winterboard and SBSettings is a package. But there is a difference between a packet and application, and we should be able to tell the difference. All applications in Cydia is a package, but a package of applications not necessarily as well. For example, Winterboard is an application package and at the same time, Installous and iFile is also an application. But like Infinidock, Zephyr, and YourTube is not an application, but "tweaks". although third-inclusive package, Tweaks merely additional or complementary features for modification of features - features that already exist, rather than a stand-alone application. To distinguish it fairly easy, Cydia apps would appear on our iPhone Springboard, while not the application package usually does not have an icon on the Springboard. Configuration Settings are common package, or supporting applications.

For novice users, Cydia is indeed difficult to understand. However, if we want to study the function and its use is not that difficult. We recommend that before deciding to purchase or install a tweak, application, add-on, and others - make sure you've read the other information as well as the usefulness of the feature and make sure the application package that will be installed in accordance with the match and the series iOS and iOS devices are plugged in our Apple devices. If not, things can happen that are not desirable on Apple devices that we have. The most IMPORTANT thing is do not put too much tweaks, application, add-on, and widgets. Installing too many features can lead to defects in the function or the IOS application is available on our Apple devices, and most of us do not want it also allows Aplle damage to the device itself. When that happens, your iOS device will usually enter safe mode. The first step we have to do is restart your iOS device, Chatter features newly installed, Crash Reporter Using features that can be downloaded in Cydia, Restore software, Ask for help directly to Cydia creator Saurik to join the IRC channel # iPhone, and the last step if the steps - these steps are not getting the results we should take him to the nearest service center.

So how we do we get Cydia? The answer is our way to get Jailbreaking Cydia program.

Jailbreak iOS, or commonly abbreviated as jailbreaking, is the process of removing restrictions imposed by Apple on devices with IOS operating system, such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Jailbreaking will make the user can get full access to the operating system on the device itself, which of course iOS users can download applications, games, tweaks, and others - others, both official and unofficial that we do not get in the Apple App Store.

In essence, jailbreaking can make users have access to the system to enable a set of features that were previously locked by Apple. Jailbreaking typically make warranty from the iOS device itself is scorched, so be - careful and think back to all the advantages and disadvantages of Jailbreaking it.

In America alone, Jailbreaking legal regarded by law, but still it will scorch warranty. However, considering that jailbreaking does not include modifications to the hardware, then the process can be easily reversed to get back to the original condition through iTunes. As long as we keep the heart - heart in the process, and do not forget to make a backup file of our devices.
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