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Senin, 04 Februari 20130 komentar

In this article I will try to provide a reference for those of us struggling music world. Facilities available virtual world that can be utilized as a medium to introduce our music to the world. Maybe there are many websites that provide the facility to upload a piece of music users like probably many websites online that provide facilities like this, but here we see how popular the website is. Now this I will try to give some streaming music sites online that can be said to be popular in facilitating its consumer in music.


SoundCloud originally started in Stockholm, Sweden and then set up in Berlin, Germany in August 2007 by two people: Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlfross. This website is intended for musicians to share recordings with each other, but over time turned into a full publishing tool which also allowed musicians to distribute their music tracks.

In one interview with Wired, Alex Jung said they both have background music, and a annoying when we want to collaborate with people music, with a view on the collaboration as simple as sending tracks to expect reciprocity and get permbicaraan of musical works . With this condition, they said that they only had a fatherly Flickr photos and Vimeo for video, but it does not have anything for their music.

SoundCloud provide primary care to allow musicians to upload their music to the URL that is in stark contrast with the host MySpace music only on MySpace. This time let the SoundCloud audio files can be planted anywhere, can be combined with twitter and facebook for a greater range expansion utilizing social networking is very popular.

With very friendly can also distribute SoundCloud widget grown using the blog and automatically tweet every track uploaded. Also has an API that causes SoundCloud buffer used on our smartphones to upload and download the music files online.


Reverbnation is a website that was founded in 2006 with a focus on independent music with the goal of providing a forum for communication between the musicians, listeners and producers. TuneWidget which is an additional feature that provides great music recommendations from the creators of the widget. Reverbnation provide menus such as "What Can We Do For You" that provides knowledge and information such as the availability of sub-menus artist, venue, labels, managers, fans, and promoters that give us the information around him. In this revebnation we can see many indie bands from Indonesia which already use this website as a medium. Reverbnation also provides a menu for us who want to find references to music from various countries around the world with charts and genre. Also the availability schedule gigs and gigs of the band who has been mentioned.


Myspace who we know have kama take part in a virtual world owned by serv social networks owned by Media LLC and pop singer and actor Justin timberlake. The website, which was launched since 2003 had become a networking site most visited in the world in 2006 and surpassed Google as the most visited site in the United States. Since the emergence of Facebook, MySpace less popular in 2008 and visitors. MySpace can be regarded as a network associated with music. Kalu we look for yourself on MySpace music page online we can find the start of the news, chart, different types of genres and also video. On the MySpace website, we can make playslist itself by entering certain songs to our playlist, the song is available also can be shared to social media. From MySpace we can enjoy a whole range of genres and kelangkapan of many top musicians of the world.
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