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One Direction World - Fans of One Direction Gotta Have Android Applications Which One It

Selasa, 12 Februari 20130 komentar

When you have fans jamming, all about the idol course we want to know, even if we could have. Whether it's a photo, news, knick-knacks or something. We always want to know more about the idol that makes us feel closer to them. The idol has always had tremendous appeal to make the hardcore fans.

Naturally, if we are fond of something. That could be the impetus for fans to get creative like his idol. But not a bit too extreme fans obsessed surpassed his idol, even by illegal means.

Anyway, we stop talking "fond" is first. We went to a boy band now again rising in the world. They are not a boy band from Korea, they came from England. Surely you already know the boy band One Drirection. Keep utilizing cute face like that used most of them are now successful Korean artist soaring career as a boy band. It's pretty much a group-faction of their fans in the world, including Indonesia, which call themselves Directioners Indonesia.

This time to facilitate Directioners Indonesia or who wants to know about this British band we can use the application on Android. All about boy bands Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson is at your fingertips, including the date and purpose of their concerts. be complete by using this application. Anything that is in the application of this One Direction fan? Let's look together.

Actually this can be said to be a replica of the official website. But what is different is the packaging. In our application is facilitated by the main menu on the news to them of his photographs. When first run the application you will not trouble to use it. Early run we were given 12 pieces menu. The menu is greatest News. This menu update it real time. So when there is news about One Direction it will appear here. So is the wallpapper, directly available here. The next menu is a smaller form of the photos, videos, tour date, lyrics, 1D Facebook and Twitter. From this application we can access live to their social networking accounts. Although other menus are not realtime, but the 1D will not linger update the contents of each menu.

Besides the above, the application also provides ringtones, their official website, One Direction chat on forums and other websites that support them. Complete has everything you need to know about One Direction. Just waiting for when they will perform in Indonesia. Previously they had been greeted fans in Indonesia on November 8 when it will introduce lau second album entitled Take Me Home. They also held Listening Party eight new songs such as "Live While We're Young", "Kiss You", "Little Things", "Heart Attack", "Change My Mind", "I Would", "Back For You "and" They Do not Know About Us ". So, just getting familiar with the fun worldwide.

Disadvantages Application

The application is very simple. You could say a collection of links about One Direction and packed just a little with purple buttons. The design is also not good enough because there are still rough lines on the edge of the button they provide. Will be nice if this app should be notified when there is new news or new content added to the application. For example, there is new news about 1D, a notification appears on the user's device until the user quickly figured out what was going on with One Direction. His name is also a fan, it would want to know all about her idol. The presentation of the story is also very simple, just a headline alone that when we click into the headlines. Although only headline should make a more pleasing to the eye. Plus the ads at the bottom, a little disturbing vision.

However, 1D Word is an application that is complete enough if you want to know more and be kept up-to-date on the 1D. If interested in this application please click here to download. The file size is only 216Kb. And this application is absolutely free
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