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Often Typing On Tablet PC or Touch Screen? Learning Online Typing Formerly with 5 Chrome Extensions It

Selasa, 12 Februari 20130 komentar

Changes between clicks with touch closer to the top. New computer products today are more widely produced with touch screen technology. Laptops, tablets, etc. LCD is a touch screen. Because of this change, we would not want to have to adjust. Because we usually typing on a conventional keyboard, when it moved to a touch screen keyboard or a physical keyboard to the touch screen seemed a bit awkward. For that we need training or tutorials to get used to it all. To be able to learn to type online, we can take advantage of the Chrome extension. Here are 5 extensions that can help you.

Type FU

Layout: simple and minimalist, all very easy to understand and learn. We were given instructions by hand drawing. Hand drawing shows the finger what we have to press the button.

Lesson: there are five sets of lessons given them Letters, Numbers, Word, Provebs and Quotes. We can choose between lessons.

Levels: there are 9 levels each lesson. All you've been through is also presented in the form of curves. This is so that we are challenged to practice again until we've been able to find reliable typing.

There are no ads in this application Type FU.

Key Hero

Layout: a bit confusing to use. When we first entered did not directly confronted with the keyboard, but like the promotional page. Loading pages are also somewhat longer than FU.

The lesson: that learning is less clear given this website, workout consists of only a fragment of the words of famous people. To improve learning typing is nice, but to learn to type by itself is not good because this site does not provide any clues to the user.

Depth: no levels in this website. we were given only a fragment of a sentence and type as fast as possible. People with the highest scores will be posted on the scoreboard.

This application is not satisfactory because it exists at a lot of advertising.

Type Scout

Layout: The interface is quite charming, but his background is less comfortable making eye look with colorful sparkling. Setting it up is also very much to make us a little bit confused when it started. When it starts, you will be asked to type letter by letter as soon as possible, not a word or a sentence. There is no indication user finger too. Only at the beginning we were given instructions where to put your fingers.

Lesson: unique, we can play four different game modes namely Picture and Keyboard Game, Text Writing, Typetris and memorix (beta). These games are very interesting as typetris. You have to press a key before the letter was dropped and peaked.

Depth: learning is clear, but only registered users can save their website learning outcomes. For ordinary users, is not dirokemendasikan.
No ads, it looks good, it's just too flashy background.

Typing Club

Layout: lessons sorted in a logical and orderly. At the beginning of opening, we will be given display levels who want to learn the lesson. For example, if we choose number one, then we will be taught to use the index finger. So which type is the letter "j" and "F" with the addition of the Space and Enter for a separation letter.

The lesson: the lesson clearly demonstrated by this website. There are 100 lessons are provided, one after the other fingers are trained to get used to typing properly starting up pinkie finger and thumb.

Depth: we have to register on their website in order to save us typing statistics for use their services, then the score will be added to the scoreboard.


Layout: The first time you sign in our website is not directly deal with the keyboard, but to his website. To start using their services we have to register first. Pretty good admonitions, but the ad is rather annoying when we're typing.

Lessons: Lessons are divided into several sections, we can choose where we need to start training. There are also specific exercises to add variety practice typing.

Depth: Although to register, we do not have to pay anything here. All are provided free of charge, including data on your typing statistics. However, there is also a premium option that teaches us to be more specific.
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