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Not Just a Man, Turned Computers Computers Can Also Be Zombies!

Minggu, 03 Februari 20130 komentar

Have you ever wondered where all the spam on the Internet come from? You'll often see a variety of email spam in your email inbox. Are all the spam email was sent one by one manually by someone out there? The answer is no. All spam is sent by a zombie computer.

These terms may seem very creepy, scary, chilling or bahakan you stand. The term is indeed very scary because the fact is there are millions of computers around the world who have become zombies and deploy a wide range of spam and malware. And most surprisingly, from the millions of zombie computers can be your computer is one of them.

What is a zombie computer?

Zombie computers that are being discussed here certainly is not a computer that is damaged and then come back to life and spread the virus to other computers. This computer has been infected and then controlled by the other party. Most computers are infected with malware, Trojans, or viruses.

Then what would happen if your computer has been infected? If that was the case, then your computer will automatically dikendlikan by a third party, either by one person, or a group, or perhaps by one particular company without your knowledge. computer so you can perform a variety of crime by itself without your knowledge as sending spam email, tissue damage, and more.

If someone has managed to infect more computers, the computers are referred to as "botnets". Botnets will then attack the Internet and cause chaos in it. Unfortunately, most computer owners do not know if the computer has been used as a zombie by others.

Does your computer is a zombie?

In most cases, the hackers usually do not transmit the infection to a particular computer because they spread it wherever they can. So many zombie infection on a computer occurs due to contact with a link to a malware or email that contains a virus. Therefore, if your computer has become a zombie, it does not mean there is someone who intentionally to infect your computer with a zombie virus.

Unfortunately, malware and viruses are very difficult to detect that it is difficult for you to know if your computer has become a zombie or not. But do not worry, because there are 3 simple ways that you can do to detect it because the computer is already infected zombies usually have the following characteristics:

The process of zombie infection usually takes the processor as well as your internet network. if you feel that your computer and your Internet speed is slow when you are not running a lot of applications, it is possible that your computer is infected.

Your email perikasa especially on outgoing messages folder. If you find a lot of emails that are sent when you have not written then it is also a sign your computer has become a zombie.

IP addresses of computers into zombies usually blacklist. You can check if your IP belongs to the blacklist or not by visiting this link http://www.robtex.com/ip/xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.html # Blacklists fill xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx with the IP address You. if you do not know the IP you can check it out here.

If after performing various tests positive ternayata your computer infected with zombies, then the best way that you can do is to do a total scan of the malware and viruses with anti-malware and anti-virus are widely available in the market.

Preventing infection zombie

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, if your computer is not infected then you should stop by the ways below:

Updates are always a variety of internet-related applications such as browsers, chat applications, and more.

Run always anti-malware and anti-virus on a regular basis to keep your computer clean.

Use Firewall to prevent things that are not desirable.

If you regularly do these three things above, then the risk of your computer to be infected by a zombie can be minimized
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