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Newest Game for BlackBerry Can You Download

Rabu, 06 Februari 20130 komentar

Features gaming applications on the BlackBerry smartphone is a feature that is often used by users on various occasions. Each user also has their own favorite games. But there are times when BlackBerry users were bored with some game apps that have been available in recent years.

Over time, many new game applications that have been issued and modified by the application of game makers that the point is to give something more challenging and interesting to users. Here are some of the latest BlackBerry game apps that can be tested by the latest BlackBerry users as well as the other versions in 2013: The following game for BlackBerry that you should download:

Angry Farm 1.1.40 (by Smarter Apps)

For those of you who have often played game Angry Bird app, maybe you'll quickly get used to this new game app, Angry Farm. Both types of these games actually have to play the same way. The difference is in Angry Farm is not only a wide range of birds, but other animals such as goats and pigs were used as "weapons". On August 22, 2012 yesterday was just released this latest version (1.1.40) that have earned four-star ratings from its users. You can download it here.

Bomberman VS Zombies 1.0.9 (by Contlex Labs LLP)

From the title of this game application you may be able to guess what kind of fight you can meet. You will become a Bomberman required to set the strategy so that the zombie-zombie running disappeared. To be safe from the zombie-zombie ammo that you have a bomb that can be placed anywhere to outwit the zombies. In this latest version there will be more bonuses you can get and the picture quality on this game application is the best quality that you can meet. You also will be more challenged to save the world from zombie-zombie terkaman brutal. You can download it here.

Avalancha (by Cation)

FREE game is challenging us to keep the snowball as far as possible. The farther the distance snowball, the higher the score that we will get. However, the size of the snowball will grow bigger in each level so that you will be more difficult to control. Additionally you will find trees and sign boards that will be a hindrance. You can download it here.

Most of the latest gaming applications on the BlackBerry as accessible to all users that have the system BlackBerry OS 4.6 and above. So, you do not hesitate to try it. In addition, three sample applications on top of the latest BlackBerry games you can download for free through BlackBerry App World. When compared to the price of other smartphones, BlackBerry prices more affordable for all people (from students to entrepreneurs) so gaming applications on the BlackBerry smartphone will be more accessible and enjoyed by anyone. Gaming applications above are just some examples of the latest gaming applications that should be attempted by all BlackBerry users. There are many other latest gaming applications that you should try. It's time to try and experience the latest games on your BlackBerry that will make you relax for a moment on the sidelines of your busy life every day.
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