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Jumat, 15 Februari 20130 komentar

Technology is indeed the case that is currently being developed. Many things that were previously normal, turned out to be incredible. Sophistication includes beberaa things. So, not only from one category, but from several categories. Sophistication is not only going to make you more comfortable but more than that the technology will make the eyes of those who saw it were amazed. Here are the latest and most unique advanced technology today:

Mirror Touch Screen

You have a mobile, touch-screen tablet is plain. What if the mirror can be a touch screen. Sure, it was amazing and such an unexpected one. Mirror with touch screen named Cybertecture Mirror. Mirror with sophisticated technology unique is made from mirror manufacturer from Hong Kong. This mirror is a reflection on today's revolutionary. Remarkably, the mirror has a variety of features like smartphones, tablets and computers. Various features of the mirror are stereo speakers, Wi-Fi, waterproofing, and many other advanced features. This mirror can control using a smartphone or remote control. It is amazing is not it?

Due to the sophistication and severity of these mirrors, the price offered is also outstanding. For one Cybertecture Mirror mirror at a price tag of $ 7,732. If in the crucible into dollars, at least you have to spend about 75 million dollars. This price is equal the current price of a new car. With those prices, this mirror can provide the latest information today. Not only information but also can monitor your health. In fact, you can also communicate with a computer or mobile phone using this mirror. So, deem that the mirror is called the magic mirror.

The future of eyeglasses

Not only mirror that is able to make the eyes stunned, glasses could also be. Glasses Glass was named Project. These glasses are made from Google. According to one of the founders googl, Sergey Brin, Project Glass is here to provide comfort and convenience for users rather than mobile phones and smartphones. With Glass Project, you do not need anymore trouble for merogok pockets to see e-mails and taking photos. Even with glasses, you can also browse in cyberspace like a smartphone. The weight of these glasses is not like the usual glasses. These glasses are deliberately designed with a lighter weight and more use of black color.

As with the other glasses, Project Glass also you can use when riding a motorcycle or a car. However, things are not in the can on the other glasses is you see a picture or something when driving long distances. The price for just the glasses is $ 1,500, or about 15 million dollars. Thus, these glasses are priced to match the new bike today.

Glass Smart (Smart Glass)

When you bring a child into a car, they often would doodle existing glass on the car. That is, you should not get mad. Because, that's the way a child to disappear boredom in him. Viewing habits of the child, the initiative arose from a scientist to create new things that smart glass. So, this is smart glasses positioned at the rear of the car seat. Therefore, many of them people behind who feel bored. Scribbled glass is not only done by children, but also by teenagers and adults.

Therefore, the presence of this smart glass give new innovation. By using this glass, you can play from the DVD player as for both music and video. In addition to DVDs, the glass also provides Game Boys can be played at any time in the car. Its presence is to continue to provide comfort and not forgetting activities outside the vehicle, such as watching and playing games.

Smart glass is not just for multimedia but also for other things. Among them is to respond to the speed of the car. Although the glass behind the pace car but was able to help you. Another plus is the location where the vehicle information at the time. With this glass, will reduce you to get lost on the way when not know the direction of his journey. That article New Tech about the sophistication and uniqueness of the technology in the world today
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