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My Sword for Android Application for Android Sophisticated Bible for Christians

Minggu, 03 Februari 20131komentar

Be a need for Christians to always read Bible scriptures. As we know, many Bible printed in a large book, thick with very small writing. Some times people rush to bring a Bible and a hard to find part article by article. Even sometimes also elderly people have to buy a super-sized Bible that cost in the hundreds of thousands just to get posts with a larger font.

But this all-powerful era for you Christians do not need to worry because this time the Bible has many applications that can be accessed via the gadget. One is My Sword for Android applications that are intended for your Android gadget users.

Even recently a new version of MySword for Android v.3.4 has been released. My Sword for Android has a new feature called "Text-to-speech" to be called the Bible or the Bible speaks. In addition it also improved the icons to make it more obvious when seen in the low end as well as devices with extra high density such as Galaxy Notes I & II.

Excess Application Bible app for Android is that you can study the Bible translation and the original language, the Hebrew and Greek. Besides the Bible app for Android My Sword also provides a special section that includes Bible dictionaries, concordances brief, historical charts, notes, and the philosophy of the Christian leaders and historical maps from the time period of the old covenant to the new covenant era as contained in the Bible version of the book.

The other features that you can get at My Sword for Android is the Bookmarks feature, special pages for personal notes and insight, support full-screen mode to text for easy viewing, support for code and link to view morphology Dictionary, resizeable text that custom text size easily viewed, page navigation history, ability to change the default color scheme or theme, Bible Journal, Paragraph or Paragraph mode, currently exploring this application you can do it offline, because the internet connection is only needed when you download the module. With My Sword for Android you will get the ease and convenience in studying the Bible, especially for those Christians.

Only, My Sword still has shortcomings because they officially declared need volunteers to make the Bible app with African languages ​​as a continuation of My Sword version 3.2, as well as traditional and modern Chinese as a continuation of My Sword version 3.1 . Another limitation is also because there are several languages ​​other than English country still can not be released under My Sword for Android.

However, you should know that the Tablet edition Deluxe version of the premium has been taking part in the project to develop the manufacture of My Sword for Android. Therefore, this application is provided free of charge to anyone who needs apps Android users Bible My Sword. However, these applications require a minimum version of Android 2.1 (Eclair) or higher.

If you're still having trouble accessing or receive My Sword for Android, you can contact the manufacturer of these applications in this link:

You can download My Sword Bible application for Android in the Android Market which is a digital content service owned by Google and become a substitute for the Android Market. The file size of only 1.53MB so you're more likely to run this application.

As of this writing, the Android Market website that provides application downloads, My Sword for Android itself has received a five star rating with a total amount of 2.685 to 3.293 as volunteers voting.

Most of the respondents who gave positive responses to existing applications My Sword for Android. Anyway, most of the world's Christians use the King James version of the Bible translations and versions is provided by My Sword. Even some of the respondents really enjoy this app, there are among them being diligent in reading the Bible through this application. Because the Bible is a very thick book and should look carefully verse by verse. My Sword for Android application is developed by RiverSoft System and has been provided since 2011. If you are interested, please download the application My Sword here.
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20 Februari 2013 14.01

Talking Bible Premium is a great Bible app as well!

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