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Music app for iPad Lite Loopseque, Creating Music Being a Good Game

Rabu, 06 Februari 20130 komentar

Loopseque Lite is a music application for the iPad at its best. Music application for the iPad is a very simple application for creating music. By Loopseque, making music like playing games because you can make beats, switch fast between patterns and arrange compositions. You can also access your music instantly anywhere.

Loopseque created by Casual Underground international community which comprises of musicians, developers, designers, artists, journalists and producers. Casual Underground specializes in research and development in the field of creative performance, combining the concept of entertainment with usability, advanced technical solutions and wide social integration.

What is Loopseque?

Do not panic, the look of a music application for the iPad does look complicated. To create music in Loopseque, you do not need to read music, you also do not need to know about chords. Definite musical knowledge is helpful, but it is not a necessity.

You can start with the four-color wheel - red drum, yellow bass, blue for percussion, and green for the lead. This application plays a sample of each circle in a round, and you can see which part of the circle that is played by following the highlighted bar. Highlighted section rotated, while the dark parts are not, and the points played every other round.

If you are trying to highlight the parts of each wheel, you will find that each contains different instruments, such as various types of red drum on wheels, and others. It is a basic principle that you should know about Loopseque.

Music application for the iPad is also accompanied by a tutorial that includes six detailed lessons on every screen.

Making Music

It is important to emphasize that you are not going to compose a work with Loopseque. Loopseque more to make samples of music, and this piece that makes it easy to use.

You can start by highlighting random parts in your wheels. Music applications for the iPad will automatically play a round, and you can hear what it sounds like you are making. You do not need to highlight the most part, even this is sounding like a good sample.

When you start, you can use the demo for this application and make it, or start your own project from scratch. Note that when using the Lite version, the projects you make will overwrite the demo, so you might want to listen first before you start making it.

The best thing about Loopseque is that you are not restricted to the four wheels. You can create multiple versions for each wheel, then combine and match to create different samples. The thing to do is to tap the wheel and move it to the middle. Tap the button at the top of the matrix to access the matrix wheel.

Once you are satisfied with your basic beats, you can start playing with more options. Tap the volume button on the wheel to control the volume of each and create a balance between all the instruments.

The application also includes a sample editor where you can control the volume, pitch, playback direction, start and end samples, and much more. On the FX screen, you can add sound effects to your samples, create repetition, playing with reverb, and more.

Lite Version vs. Full Version

Loopseque is a simple application that does not require knowledge of the musical, but it remains a powerful tool that can be used to make good samples easily. Lite version, which is absolutely free, very nice if you just want to play around with the beats. You can enjoy the ability to create something that actually sounds good.

But the Lite version is limited when you want to save your work, upload the sample, and others. For that you need to have the full version is priced at $ 5.99. Not cheap for an app, but if you want to make good music, this is a decent price. However, the free version of this app is still worth it for you to have.

Loopseque iPad application is also available for iPhone. But for the iPhone is no free edition. Loopseque Lite successfully combines a beautiful interface with a surprising simplicity. Download the application here.
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