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Mixologist - Drink Recipes Fresh set of applications that's on Android

Sabtu, 16 Februari 20130 komentar

You dare kind of drink? Starting from an alcoholic to non alcoholic? Various applications of the dishes or cookbooks there and you're having trouble finding a different drink recipes and you want to take, different drink recipes from all over the world?

Mixologist applications that you can install on your Android can be a solution. Mixologist is an application for Android which contains all sorts of drink recipes and also serve as a conduit of information and help you manage your beverages. Here are the features of the application of this fresh collection of drink recipes:

Thousands Of Recipes

This feature is useful for you who want to know the drink recipes you might already know his name but you do not have a recipe. Or you search by category or type of beverage and materials do you have

Metric / Imperial Units

Metric and Imperial (U.S.) units is a feature that you can use to find a particular type of beverage recipes, and if you want to know more and deeper about the types of drinks will be the "more" and you can click it to get penjeasan and more info from prescription

Custom Drinks

You also can create their own recipes, whether it be from a mixture of several recipes or your own creation. The recipes that you secreted you can enter in this feature, as well as other recipes that you get from the application mixologist, you can enter in this feature.

Liquor Cabinet

Features "Liquor Cabinet" serves as a conduit of information about all types of liquor from various parts that you can use as your reference in making beverages, as well as broaden the range of your existing Liquor in various parts of the continent and other parts of the world.

Random Drinks

Features "Random" has the look of a slot-machine-shaped display. This feature is useful to help you search for cocktail recipes randomly based on types of liquor, mixer, and glassware. How to access the features on this mixologist application is easy and not worth the trouble.

Liquor Store Locator

This feature is very useful for you lovers Liquor drinks that may be located in the city or the country and the people in the mood to consume this drink, but currently does not have a guide or someone who could be questioned. You can use this feature to locate ii Liquor stores around where you are by using the support of Google maps and GPS systems that exist in the application mixologist.

Drink Recipe Categories

This feature contains recipes and information alcoholic beverages consisting of various types and categories to help you find a recipe or ingredient drink to your liking at this time, such as: Cocktails, Martinis, Shooters, Jello Shots, Hot Drinks, Punches, or Non-Alcoholic beverages, as well as a variety of your favorite drink is you want more.

Learn Bartending Terminology & Techniques

Features "Bartending" contains information and tips for you to manage your drinks or even useful for those who are studying to become a bartender. Various tips given in this feature is like: Glassware, Tools of the Trade, Terminology, How to Stock Your Bar, and Bartending Tips & Tricks.

Award Winning App

A variety of recipes found on the specific applications drink mixologist has been reviewed and is favored by large websites and magazines such as Gizmodo.com, Mashable.com, Time Magazine, and O'Reilly Media.

App To Sd

You can move your database from mixologist applications into SD Card through this feature if you are worried that one day there will be a problem in the application mixologist do you have this. But with the record, you can not move your database of more than 6 M to your SD Card, should be under the memory.

Application mixologist can be installed with one installation to pay $ 1.49 via Android Market link below. The current version is version 1.2.7 released recently and is still held to the development of the next versions. Android phone or tablet that you can use to be able to install the application mixologist is version 2.1 and the latest version on it. You must provide the memory of 8.2 M in order to install this app on your Android phone or tablet. Download it here.
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