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Media Monkey: A Powerful Music Player Software With Many Functions

Senin, 11 Februari 20130 komentar

Media Monkey is a computer music player software that has been long established since 2001. And since that time, Media Monkey has been transformed into a powerful program. If you are looking for a lightweight music player program which puts some basics of using the music player, the Media Monkey is not the right solution for you. There are other alternatives such as Foobar2000 and AIMP, which has a speed and light weight. For Media Monkey, music player program is a straight line with iTunes and Songbird, which has a variety of features to help you manage the music you have.

Media Monkey has two versions, namely the Free and Gold. Both versions have the same advantage of Media Monkey. When you first open Media Monkey, you will be given the look of a startup wizard. It used to menelola music library and run it. Not all programs for managing music has a feature like this, and Media Monkey is one who has it. Startup wizard also gives you the option to integrate the Media Monkey on your operating system, such as the right-click menu option, file management, and other things that you can use later. If you do not want it, Media Monkey invite you to pass through.

Display shown come up with something that is expected in a music player as well as music program manager. ITunes look like the type of layout is predictable, all collected on one page which is divided into several panels. Of course if you are expecting a view like Winamp or Foobar2000, you can not find it here. But if you prefer a minimalist look, the good side of the Media Monkey is program music player looks neat and not infiltrated the things that bothered. You will be easy to navigate the program without encountering any obstruction.

For the music player program that claims to be the best, Media Monkey provides a music manager to make sure things work easily. Through features available in it, then you can manage your music better. Here are some of the features in Media Monkey:

Tag Editor: Today, Tag Editor features a music player program is essential for most users. Media Monkey has such features, which offer a variety of settings where you can use it. For example, there IDv3 tag, input the lyrics, editing artwork, and many others.

Auto Tagger: Media Monkey has a way to automatically tag files based on context. One method of using the name and file structure to automatically install the tag on your library.

Multiple Collections: Collections Media Monkey is a feature which will take you to create multiple libraries. Not just create a playlist, you can create multiple libraries where you can also create multiple playlists. For those of you who have music with a large capacity, then this feature will help you to manage it.

Volume Normalization: If you have some music that sounds too soft or too hard, the program features the music player normalization to overcome. Media Monkey normalizaton has two types, namely Volume Leveling and Volume Per-Track.

Once again, Media Monkey also claimed to control 100 000 songs with ease. But, if you are going to have the song that much? For those of you who have a lot of songs, you will also be given the ease with auto playlist that will make the playlist easily through the available settings. In addition, if you have a portable music devices such as iPod, or it could be iPhones and Android devices, you can synchronize music player through this program. Just connect your device to the computer and Media Monkey will immediately synchronize.

As mentioned earlier, Media Monkey comes in two versions, namely the Free and Gold. If you use the free version, you can use the music player this program indefinitely, and still have a powerful function. For the Gold version, you will be given additional components such as Multiple Collections, Automatic Organization, CD Ripping, and several others. So, adjust to your needs, whether you want to use a free or paid, and they still work fine.
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