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Maximize Function File Storage Online Google Drive by integrating it into applications is

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Cloud storage are now widely glance. This storage is actually very useful and safe to use, it's just because it takes an internet connection to access it so less attention in our country. Fortunately, large offices in our country have started using this facility. They bought a large-scale cloud storage to store office files. It is more practical in places, safe and open for employees. For users of smartphones or tablet pc which limited memory would not want to use the service. vendor has also provided a default application dependent devices. supplied iCloud iPhone, Android provided by Google Drive and Windows Phone available SkyDrive. This cloud storage to save memory on your smarphone, and if at any time your device is lost data is still saved and can be opened diperangkat anywhere.

Because perkemebangan, Google has also developed a wide range of functions for file storage online Google Drive. Not only integration with Google apps, but Google also opens the door for third-party applications to synchronize with Google Drive. It aims to make users feel comfortable using Google Drive cloud storage. Actually Google Drive could open various file types, but probably not to edit all files. Currently available new Office Word activities. Therefore, Google Drive takes applications to complement their products.

Pixlr Editor

Pixlr is a photo editing application like Photoshop or Paint.Net, only Pixlr is an application-based photo editing website. We can use it on any computer, no need to download, and no need to install. Even on computers with low specs but have an internet connection can operate it. Now for your convenience, Pixlr Editor to integrate themselves into the Google Drive.


If you feel Pixlr Editor is too difficult then the second option for online photo editing is PicMonkey. PicMonkey simpler than Pixlr Editor. We do not need to edit the pictures in detail, enough to give a general touches it. PicMonkey an expert creations from Picnik. After Picnik acquired by Google, a few employees create this application. PicMonkey also been integrated with Google Drive.

Drive notpad

Google Drive is already there for editing Google Docs form Word file. However, for a text editor such as Notepad no. If you frequently use on desktop + + notpad then we can use this notpad Drive for text editing. By integration we can do the coding anywhere and with any device.

Drive Tunes

Drive Tunes is a music player. All of the music files in your Google Drive can be played with this service. Google also has a music player, Google Music. It's just that not all countries can use this service, including Indonesia. So, while waiting for the Google Music can be played in our country, use Driver Tunes that are synchronized with the Google Drive.


WeVideo is a service that can edit video online directly from Google Drive. WeVideo very easy to use. But do not expect to find advanced features like the desktop version of the software. But this is quite superior to do video editing for beginners. If you have videos on Google Drive and want to create a funny, these services seem very suitable.


HelloFax an online fax integrated with Google Drive. We can alter the document and then send the document signed. Documents that need to be filled out or signed as forms, letters and other agreements. In addition to charging documents or facilitate procession signature, we have an online account that stores all letters of agreement or other important documents.

The service is free, but if you want to fax more than five pages in one month or want to enter a fax number, then we have to enter into paid accounts. In addition there is also a recommendation HelloFax for applications like this that DocuSign for Google Drive but not free.


Google Drive has a built-in PDF preview but lacks editing features. If you need a PDF editing in Google Drive, this is one application that helps. I've always wanted to facilitate users.

Similarly, some third-party services that can be integrated with Google Drive. When you Chrome users, this service has its own extension in the Chrome Web Store. You stay put in your Chrome Google Drive and enjoy maximum functionality.
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